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Blackheads Write For UsBlackheads, known as comedones or comedonal acne, BLACKHEADS Write For Us are a blockage of skin pores that appear due to sebaceous production (a greasy substance that arises especially on the face and nose), linked to the oxidation process of the cells. . The blackhead owes its name to the detail that it is open and obstructed by a corneal plug of a similar color to black generated by the accumulation of melanin. This does not allow drainage of the sebaceous gland.

According to Alfons del Pozo Carrascosa, from the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Barcelona, ​​the accumulation of fat is mixed with cellular debris. These are retained in the outlet duct of the sebaceous gland due to inflammation or excess secretions, so the gland cannot drain fast enough, it becomes dirty and acquires a black hue.

Pollution, dust, the continuous application of makeup, due to hormonal issues, and the production of fat, among other factors, are responsible for dirtying the accumulation of secretions.


First, you have to take into account the type of skin in order to prevent blackheads. Based on this, one or the other dermocosmetic products will be chosen to treat and prevent comedonal acne, as well as some damage caused that can worsen the skin.

There are many ways to prevent the look of blackheads. The second step would be to follow a basic care routine at home, which includes correctly choosing soap, creams, and skin cleansers . María Castellanos González, a doctor at the Clinic in Madrid, recommends controlling oily skin with medical treatments and exfoliants once a week. Every day it is advisable to let the skin breathe, not sleep with makeup on so that the pores can be ventilated (preferably cleaning it with suitable make-up removal products, avoiding wipes that can drag dirt and further clog skin pores).

One of the basic principles for healthy skin is hydration , so it is advisable to include products such as emulsions, gels, serums, aqueous moisturizing creams or oils in daily care (especially for dry skin) to hydrate it. According to Raquel Fernández de Castro, from the Zahrawi Medical Institute in Valencia, epigenetic factors such as diet, hormones , race and lifestyle of the person must also be taken into account.


Correct facial hygiene is important to remove blackheads, today there are many alternatives to treat them . Fernández de Castro affirms that some effective options are:

  • Use of special mask treatments for this type of injury, both at home and by going to a professional.
  • Avoid creams and makeup that increase the production of sebum and fat.
  • Before applying makeup or moisturizing, clean the face properly.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash the face.
  • Use a facial scrub once or two times a week.
  • Establish a daily care routine, because the results are not seen immediately but appear in the long term, so you have to be constant.

Daily facial cleansing and correct care is not only essential for aesthetic purposes: if we do not take care of it correctly, it will suffer progressive aging. Skin type can be altered by increasing acne, among other effects.

From the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) they recommend some foods that can act as cosmetics and can help Eliminate comedonal acne:

  • Egg white: it is used to remove impurities from the face, especially blackheads. It should be applied to the previously washed face, then put toilet paper on the white and apply another layer on top. When it hardens, remove by gently pulling from top to bottom.
  • Brown sugar: used as a natural exfoliant that removes impurities without damaging the dermis. It can live used in two different ways. Combining a quarter cup of sugar with three tablespoons of olive oil and thus we also moisturize the skin; or mix two tablespoons of sugar with lemon.
  • Yogurt: It is a natural facial cleanser that is quite effective for all types of faces. Helps remove skin impurities and acne. For it to take result you have to apply it mixed with a little lemon and leave it on for fifteen minutes.
  • They tend to appear above all on the nose and chin, and the solution to eliminate them is never, as the experts tell us, to squeeze them. But what exactly are blackheads? “ These are plugs of flaking dead cells that form in the pores, particularly on the nose and face in general” , says Dr. Federico Feltes, dermatologist specializing in dermatological surgery, aesthetic dermatology and laser at Clínicas Dorsia .
  • Why do blackheads appear? As Dr. Feltes explains, “they are fundamentally form by the genetics of each person and by the use of excessively dense moisturizing creams and/or occlusive makeup . ” As the expert confirms, there are skin types that are more prone to blackheads than others due to genetics, “the main factor involved.”

How to Remove Blackheads

How should our daily facial routine be if we have blackheads? As the Dorsia dermatologist underlines, “the first thing is to prevent them by avoiding oil-based makeup or too dense creams; The use of a cleansing solution with salicylic acid , if the skin tolerates it, is a good way to prevent it”. To this, the expert recommends adding “the use of chemical exfoliants such as beta and alpha hydroxy acids, or retinoids, according to each one’s need and tolerance . ”

To eliminate the blackheads that we already have, as this expert points out, “facial cleansing in a beauty center, with mechanical removal, and chemical peels , can be an excellent approach, especially as an initial treatment if you have not had a routine of prevention and previous treatment . As confirmed and emphasized by Carmen Díaz, director of the Goya Germaine de Capuccini Aesthetic Center , “the most effective treatment for blackheads is professional skin cleaning , carried out in a cabin with specialized equipment and cosmetics” . To eliminate the blackheads that we already have, as this expert points out, “facial cleansing in a beauty center, with mechanical removal, and chemical peels , can be an excellent approach, especially as an initial treatment.

Azelaic Radiance Face Treatment

From Freshly, it is a treatment specifically designed for reactive and acne-prone skin. Ideal to prevent and treat the signs of acne, rosacea and couperose such as pimples, blackheads, inflammation, redness and rashes. The result is uniform, silky and smooth skin in just 14 days of continuous application.

Acne Acute Spot Roll-On

It is one of Mádara’s best-sellers. It is a concentrated emulsion of stem cells of 98% natural origin, in a bag format, perfect for reducing blemishes and rashes immediately and invisibly.

Pore ​​Reducer and Anti-Stress Booster Serum

From Facialderm, this serum minimizes the pore and makes it less visible, mattifies the skin without ventilation it out, and reduces stress marks. In addition, It regulates sebum production. Reducing excess oil/shine, softens and attenuates skin texture, reduces and prevents premature aging caused by stress.

Green Boost Skin Complex

A revolutionary nutricosmetic with antiseborrheic action that improves the symptoms of acne (it has anti-inflammatory properties) and regulates sebum production thanks to hemp oil. It has a regenerative (combats oxidative damage) and moisturizing action (it nourishes the skin from within). This nutricosmetic acts effectively on the increase in cornification (the process that leads to thickening the skin and causes, among other things, blackheads).

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