e Pass e Pass: During the lockdown phase, transportation of many essential merchandises like vegetables, mueslis, medicines, milk etc. has stayed approved by the Maharashtra Police department and Government. Though, it is vital to get the sanction of the concerned vehicle before opening the transport. Till the system is in place, such vehicles are being pass through the police, the RTO and the collector’s office.

Now, by e pass, these transporters can put on and get an e Pass for their particular carriers. The usage of this online working system isso easy. All they need is to visit link and get your e Pass. All applicants received from the available system will be test by the Maharashtra police. Once the submission of application is verified and approved, the vehicle holder can download his /her e Pass from the online system. Upon receipt of this pass, the vehicle holder can transport.

By this time, dropping a little from the record high of 68,631 new cases notched on Saturday, Maharashtra on Thursday reported 67,013 new COVID cases, taking its overall total to 40,94,840.


Who can Apply for Maharashtra Police Appropriate e Pass?

All the vital service administrations can apply for e Pass by this link. After completing the application procedure, In addition, the transporters will get the tokenish ID. It should be use to check the grade of the claim. The e Pass can be download by means of the token ID after the sanction of the Maharashtra police system or verification.

The e Pass will comprise the candidate’s information, vehicle number, proof date and a QR code. According to the government’s letter, a soft also and  hard copy of the e Pass must be kept while travelling. It is vital to show the transporter e Pass to the constabularies when ask. If it is initiate to be used or otherwise misuse after a valid date it will be consider a punishable offence.


Here’s how you can apply for e-pass

Here’s How You Can Apply For e-Pass

– Click on e pass

– Apply for e pass or you can check the current status or download the pass.

– Fill the form (Name, contact details)

– Enter the source and destination you are travelling.

– Attach your photograph and relevant documents

– Click on Submit Button

You will receive the token

– Please save this token number to check your application status

– You can check the application status on the homepage

“The e-pass system has been reintroduce from Friday and citizens should use it in case of absolute emergency.” People have to apply on and submit the necessary documents and mention the reason for their extreme emergency travel,” Maharashtra DGP Sanjay Pandey was quoted as saying by PTI.


How to Checked e-Pass Status?

  • Go to
  • Enter the token numeral and hit submit.

According to the web site, important service workers do not require a transportable pass for inter-state or intra-state travel. In addition, All other persons/groups can apply for Transportable Pass over this platform. After the proof verify and approval by the concerned departments, you can download the e-pass using the token ID. The e-pass will contain your details, vehicle number, validity and a QR code. One should keep a soft/hard copy in hand while travelling.

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