Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds Cookole: Free Fire is the utmost popular game in the world, with more than 1 billion downloads completed. This game is very popular in India. Diamonds are not given to the players for free through free Fire. But here I am going to tell you two ways with the help of which you can get free diamonds. Diamonds can be bought via various means such as the in-game store, Games kharido, Moogold, Coda shop, SEAGM and many more. Each offers various top-up options and good deals on the top-up options mentioned in it. But still, some of them could not afford or have any chance to buy them. Such players will always look for ways to get those diamonds for free. In the process, they will bump into cheating sites and software and ultimately lose valuable personal information.

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How To Download & Install Unlimited Cookole Diamonds in Free Fire?

If you don’t know how to download and install the Cookole apk for unlimited diamonds on your android phone, then you don’t have to worry at all because I’m going to tell you how you can download & install cookole on your device.

First, Download Free Fire unlimited diamonds cookole on your Android phone

Go to Settings, then Security

Activate Unknown Source to install Cookole

Find the APK file on your phone

Launch the app from which you’ve downloaded the file

Free Fire Weekly Membership:

The weekly membership will cost 159 per week, and the diamonds will be credited daily after buying it. Speaking of players who can get those diamonds for free, players should use Google Redeem Codes. Since most Android users would buy these diamonds via Google Play balance, you should opt for Google Redeem codes. If you are subscribing to the weekly membership for the first time, you will get 520 diamonds. Here is how you can free fire diamonds for free under weekly membership.

How To Recharge Codes

Players should have to maintain that balance below 159 INR! That is it, if you have more than that amount, they will be deducted, and the weekly membership will be renewed. But, if you maintain it low, the weekly membership will still get started, and the diamonds will be credited to your account for four days. In some cases, players will also get them for seven days. During this automatic process, players should not use any redeem code or recharge code. After you confirm that you are no longer receiving diamonds for free, you can go and use redeem codes and recharge codes.

What Is The Advantage Of Downloading Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds Cookole?

Some of the major advantages of downloading Free Fire Cookole unlimited diamond have been listed below.

You can download the application in any app directly from the site of a third party. Even it is possible to download the archived versions of the application and then download the appropriate version as per your requirements.

Unlike the Play Store, downloads are instant, and you don’t have to sit around for the review process or other processes

After downloading Cookole, you’ll find an APK file in your system memory or memory card. From there, you can install and uninstall Cookole again without downloading.

What Is The Disadvantage Of Downloading Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds Cookole?

If you’re using a third-party site, then it becomes obvious that there are consequences you using unlimited Cookole Diamonds Free Fire. So, I’ve mentioned some of the problems you can face while using the Cookole application.

The apps like Cookole you’re downloading are not verified by Google. So, it could be a privacy risk for your device.

It is possible that APKs contain viruses and can steal sensitive information from your device or harm your device.  But if you use a VPN for Free Fire (our recommendation is NordVPN), then it’ll be good for your privacy.

And the third problem is your Cookole application will not update automatically because it cannot access the Google Play Store.

These are some major consequences you can face while using Free Fire unlimited diamonds Cookole. So, be ready and use a VPN for your privacy.

Why is Android App Permission Required to Download The Unlimited Cookole Diamonds in Free Fire?

Your application must be connected to the system of specific devices. Once the application is installed, the user will receive a notification of the authorizations that he/she needs.

Is Cookole Free Fire Cookole Unlimited Diamonds Safe To Use?

I don’t say that it is completely safe to use. Because if you download or use a third-party application, then there is a possibility of viruses that can harm your device.

So, I would suggest you use VPN while downloading (NordVPN) and if you’re using a PC, then make sure Antivirus is available on your PC. This VPN will also provide various other features.


In the end, I hope you’ll get the information on all questions regarding Free Fire unlimited diamonds Cookole. You can easily download this amazing application for Android or PC and experience it.

Some major advantages and disadvantages have been mentioned earlier. You can read out. For your privacy concerns, you can use VPN services while using the Cookole application.

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