National Land Records Modernization Program – https 115.124 105.165 emojni

https 115.124 105.165 emojni: As per the request of the applicant, their doubts and disputes are settle on the basis of the original records after enumeration of their land. From this department, tenure, allotment, non-agricultural, land acquisition, court allotment, court commission, gunthewari are calculate. Also, according to the calculation fee paid by the applicant, the calculation done in the period type of regular, urgent, urgent, ultra-urgent. https 115.124 105.165 emojni.


National Land Records Modernization Program

https 115.124 105.165 emojni: Every year, the state receives approximately 1,75,000 enumeration applications. Prior to e-counting, applications were process by office staff. In this the applicant has to juggle to get the counting date. Also, the applicant was not getting any information about when his counting will be done, who will come for the counting.

Account holders had to suffer for this. The solution to all this is e-counting. In the e-counting order, the applicant is require to sit at home, Enumeration application can be fill from Setukendra by private business through internet as well as from office.

After taking the token number and 7/12 of the submit application and going to the land record office, the entire process of filling the application will be done at that place. After paying the counting fee, your application will be accept in the office and immediately a contact will be given to the applicant containing the information about your counting case, counting register number, counting date, counting staff and their mobile number etc.


Mojini Tools allow Farmers online Access to Land Records in State

The state government has launched https 115.124 105.165 emojni Mojini. A digital tool that allows farmers to obtain copies of certain topographic records without having to visit government offices.

The state government has launched Mojini. A digital tool that allows farmers to obtain copies of certain investigation documents, without having to visit government offices.

Mojani tool allows farmers online line access to land records

The Mojini tool was download from the Ministry of Revenue website. It allows farmers to check status online and take copies of various land documents.

The Department of Revenue has digitized all farmer and other landowner records and made them searchable. Records can be search using the farmer’s or applicant’s mobile phone number, inquiry number, or claim number. Farmers can also request an inspection of their land and pay a fee through the website.


How to know Mojini Application Status | Landrecords | NS – https 115.124 105.165 emojni

In addition to applying for the survey, citizens can get various other services, such as checking the survey request status, mission status, viewing various sketches such as: 11E Sketch, Alienation, and Phodi. One can view and copy Village Revenue Maps and take copies of Mojini Dispute Reports, take Mojini MIS Reports, view and take copies of Inspection Department Circulars, Pre-Transfer Sketches, Conversion Sketches of land, Haddubasthu and Thathkal Podi by paying the fee online. Citizens can order survey documents such as tippan, pakka book and atlas online.

This should ease the burden on farmers who have to visit taluk offices multiple times to obtain copies of their land records and topographical sketches.


Mojini Application Status and land Survey Number – https 115.124 105.165 emojni

Moreover, we have digitized the application process for certain investigative work and provided access to certain documents. All candidates for 11E, Phodi, Hadbasta, etc. they can now print these sketches online, anywhere, anytime, without visiting surveying offices. The other survey sheets are also available online for printing. This will benefit a number of people as it will reduce their time and energy,” Moudgil, Secretary of the Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR) Department and Commissioner of Land Records and Settlements Inspection, told The Hindu Munich. He said the tool would be further enhance and expand to provide a bigger set of papers. “The whole exercise is expect at reducing the number of visits by farmers to departmental offices, he said.

https 115.124 105.165 emojni

“Because citizens pay for survey requests at the time of request, there is no need to make additional payments to obtain hard copies of other survey drafts. This will save citizens from having to go to the survey or even to other counters. The idea is that once they apply, they can download the survey plan anytime, anywhere. While the request is in progress, the website also shows the progress. Once it is approve, the person can download it. In addition, with the https 115.124 105.165 emojni  tool, we empower citizens to take control of their app. We will share the name and mobile number of the officer and staff he is on standby with,” he spoke.

Everybody can access the Mojini tool by typing in the browser and clicking Go. Services can be read by going to: Application Details. https 115.124 105.165 emojni.


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