www.lis.deped.gov.ph.login: The Learner Information System (LIS) Stands as an online connected facility that provides for the registration of learners in www.lis.deped.gov.ph log in registered in schools run or certified by the Department of Education (DepEd) in Philippines. It is the national register office of all learners in Basic Education, www.lis.deped.gov.ph log in.


Getting Started with the www.lis.deped.gov.ph log in

Log in and out of the LIS To use the LIS. Type www.lis.deped.gov.ph log in at the search bar or location bar of a web browser, after press Enter. This will link you to the LIS login side as shown in (Figure 1-1: Login Page). Enter your username and PIN, then click the “Sign In” key. A successful log in will direct the worker to the LIS Dashboard At the on-set, a school might use the same version details as in the EBEIS. In this circumstance, the user is initially directed to an account validation facility or the “Account Check” side.

Getting Started with the www.lis.deped.gov.ph log in

Account Crisscross

If it’s your first time to login using the defaulting school user account, the organization will quick you to change your default PIN in the Account Checked (Update Password) page”. Enter your new password two times then click “Update” button to save your changes. Upon finishing the password change, the system shows the message “password changed. Account Checked (Update Password) page select the “Complete Personnel Record” then fill in user’s identification details in the “Account Checked – Update Personnel Record” page Account Checked (Update Personnel)). At the least minimum, fill in the mandatory fields directed by an asterisk beside the information label. Click “Save” button to confirm updating of private data link with the username and password. After concluding account update, the system shows approval of login as shown in Confirm Login select “Remain” button to get to the LIS Main Page, www.lis.deped.gov.ph log.in.

LIS Dashboard (www.lis.deped.gov.ph log in)

However, lIS Dashboard Up on successful login. The operator is directed to the LIS Dashboard as given away in LIS. Dashboard. The LIS Dashboard contains of the above components. Master list or the School List displays the list of students by school year and/or by score and section. This factor also provides the ability to search a learner. Register a learner and enroll a beginner individually or by lesson (batch enrolment facility). List of Programs displays the lean of classes and the entire enrolment by class for a assumed school year. This constituent also offers the facility to make new classes/sections at the twitch of a school year. Institute Forms delivers access to various reports comprise Forms 1, 4 and 5

If you are the one looking to signup in www.lis.deped.gov.ph log in, here is the direct link to signup in www.lis.deped.gov.ph log in. CLICK HERE TO DIRECT LINK FOR SIGN IN: LIS.DEPED.GOV.PH.LOGIN

How Do I Access Lis Deped? www.lis.deped.gov.ph log in

To use the LIS, type www.lis.deped.gov.ph log in at the search bar or place bar of a web-browser, and then press Enter. This will link you to the LIS login page as shown Login Page). Enter the username and password, then connect the “Sign In” switch.

What is the Defaulting Password of Lis Deped?

After the new workers record is create, the user version is also create with the username as the defaulting password. www.lis.deped.gov.ph log in.


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