If you are looking for a high-capacity cloud storage provider with strong encryption built in, then is a cloud service provider worth serious consideration. So let’s take a closer look at their cloud service in this review.

The importance of the cloud in our current data-driven world cannot be underestimated. In addition. Cloud storage solutions across different platforms and devices give you the freedom to work and collaborate remotely in an increasingly challenging and expanding world.

Greeting from Auckland, New Zealand. offers unlimited encrypted storage for business and personal use alike. But several questions remain about cloud storage’s viability, especially in ​​data safety, where MEGA cloud storage comes in.

Table of Contents

Pros and cons


  • 400 GB Pro plan twitches at From €4.99 per month (prices are in Euros, converted to your local currency)
  • 20 GB of free cloud storing
  • Strong security topographies like zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption + 2FA
  • Encrypted links for easy sharing
  • Fast transfer of large file uploads
  • Media and document preview
  • Encrypted audio and video chat (MEGA chat)
  • Email synchronization between desktop and cloud
  • Automatic backup of photos and videos
  • Desktop, mobile apps + browser extensions, CMD and NAS support

Cons of

  • Security protocols limit collaboration.
  • No phone or live chat support
  • No third-party, published audits

MEGA Cloud Storage Features

In addition. MEGA’s unwavering commitment to protecting users and their data with end-to-end encryption has served as a beacon for those vulnerable to intrusive businesses and administrations with privacy concerns and data vulnerability.

But safety is only one aspect of cloud storage. Let’s look at MEGA’s user interface and full usability credentials. Its contestants, Google Drive and Dropbox pride themselves on the same things.


Easy to use

Ease of use is an important characteristic of any cloud service. Fortunately, does not disappoint in this department. Let’s analyze why this is so.

How to start

Moreover. Ratification for a MEGA account couldn’t be calmer – enter your email address, decide on a password, and click the email verification link. It’s that easy. introduces you through a handy pop-up tutorial to get you up and consecutively. The purpose is to guide you through some of its more basic features and deliver orders on how to circumnavigate the border.


As you will learn, can be retrieved in several dissimilar ways, counting via desktop apps, mobile apps, and browser postponements for Chromium, Firefox, and Edge.

In addition. For those comfortable with terminal prompts,  command-line interfaces (CMDs)  are compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

More on these individual platforms later.

Please note that to get the best functionality from your desktop browser account, you will need to download the MEGA desktop app.


MEGA’s modern, clean interface is a joy to use in terms of the user interface. The layout of tools and functions is neat and strong. Navigation is very simple. All is where you would expect to find it.

Thanks to this minimalist design, the eye is easily directed to the main important features: Cloud Drive, shared folders, links, etc.

Storage options are also pretty well signposted. Make the important task of uploading files and folders a breeze.

There doesn’t seem to be any gaming with the menus and submenus, which improves the overall user experience of MEGA.


Password Management

Access to your MEGA account depends entirely on the password you created. Under the zero-knowledge relations of your account, MEGA does not have or store any knowledge of this password. So good password management is essential.

Mega’s end-to-end encryption system is based on unique recovery keys generated locally for each user. Your recovery key is automatically created when you open a MEGA account.

If you miss or forget your password, this recovery key provides the only means of resetting your password.

It is your accountability to store this key securely. Without it, you risk losing access to your MEGA account.


As already mentioned, security is top of MEGA’s priority list. By incorporating Zero-Knowledge User Driven End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) technology, can better deliver on that promise.

But what exactly is end-to-end encryption?

Zero Knowledge Encryption

End-to-end encryption means that only an authorized sender and recipient(s) can decrypt shared or transmitted messages and files.

MEGA’s zero-knowledge user-controlled end-to-end encryption key goes one step further, as all data stowed on MEGA’s attendants is encoded with a “key” resulting from your PIN.

This means that not even – MEGA has admission to your password or data.  The idea is that your info will remain just that: yours. No third party matters.

Of course, this upsurges the importance of a strong and well-protected password to prevent your data from being hacked and enjoy full-spectrum protection.

Two Factor Authentication –

And it doesn’t end there. To further increase security on all your devices, MEGA incorporates two-factor authentication.

This additional layer of protection comes from a TOTP shared secret method. For this income, you will also need a time-based one-time password in addition to your “traditional,” “static” password.

This meaningfully reduces the likelihood of fraudulent access and helps ensure the safe storage of your data.


Anti-Ransomware –

Cloud storage is not protected from ransomware attacks. The MEGA engineers have put some thought into it and introduced version control and file retrieval topographies.

In case of infection, you can revert to previous versions of a file, even if it automatically synced your local storage with Mega Cloud.

File Sharing

Big file distribution is one of MEGA’s key fortes.

When uploading or transferring files or folders, the file transfer centre indicates the progress and allows you to manage arranged file transmissions.

That said, the old-style way of sending emails to colleagues or clients with whom you want to share a file or folder is not the most efficient method, especially since it needs the receiver to have a version.

Although MEGA supports this technique, it also incorporates a much more efficient and secure way of sharing files, namely links.

link permissions –

Link permissions are an innovative way to simplify data sharing without conciliatory safety.

MEGA lets you create a link to any desired file or folder and protect it with a password.

This way, you can remove access to the data at any time simply by removing the link. And if that’s not safe or sufficient for you, you can share the decryption key through a separate channel to the link, further reducing the chance of any illegal admission.

It’s worth noticing that there is no limit to the size of files you can share with MEGA. Again, just set up a link from your computer or mobile device and share securely.

There is even the option with the Pro and Business versions of Mega to make the link available for a limited time only – a built-in expiration day.

Frictionless Sharing –

MEGA cloud storage fixes do not require the recipient of shared files to be a MEGA customer. This means colleagues and clients can download shared files without signing up for a MEGA account.

This is an important point to promote commitment and collaboration, both professionally and socially.


Collaboration –

The benefits of working under a “virtual roof” are many in terms of Team Teamwork. But a cloud storage facility prioritizes security above all else and won’t always offer the most collaborative approach to data storage.

A security ethos incorporating end-to-end encryption would be compromised by integrating third-party email or productivity applications. After all, what about the honesty of the links in your security chain?

That said, MEGA has some pretty useful collaboration capabilities built in.

Team Management and Growth The first option is to allow contacts to access specific folders or even all folders in your account.

This feature significantly speeds up the creation of a larger group of traitors, with whom you can part files and chat and make calls much more effortlessly. They don’t smooth the requirement to consume an EXTRA-LARGE account.

It goes without proverb that similar user-controlled end-to-end encoding smears across the panel.

MEGAdrop –

To boost collaboration with people outside their MEGA network, has incorporated something called MEGAdrop.

MEGAdrop allows someone to upload files to your MEGA cloud, again, regardless of whether they have an account or not.

This type of public upload folder means that clients or vendors can securely send files to you without the additional task of registering with MEGA.


Talks and Conferences

MEGA offers its trademark degree of privacy and security, even when communicating through a browser or mobile app.

To do this, it ensures that only authorized persons can access your data. This user-controlled end-to-end encryption is applied to all your chat, audio, and video calls.

While not the best in class, MEGA has enough collaboration features that you can still work remotely, wherever you are.


File storage space: MEGA by name, MEGA by nature

But how does Mega fare in the storage department?

Well, it seems pretty good.

The right of the stick. The quantity of data you can store on MEGA depends on your valuing plan. The free set gives you a very generous 20GB of storage.  At the same time, the paid version PRO III features a whopping 16TB storage and 16TB transfer. Therefore, there are many possibilities for expansion.

To give you a contrast of how this compares to the competition. The free versions from and Dropbox offer 5 GB and 2 GB, respectively.

Supported Platforms

Let us now turn our care to the various MEGA platforms and their additional functionality.

MEGA Desktop App –

You must download and install the MEGA Desktop App for the best in fast synchronization between your computer and the MEGA cloud facility.

Once “sync” is turned on, you can securely access your data across different locations and devices, knowing it’s always on and running in the context. also offers one or two choices for configuring these background processes.

For example, you have the option to sync your entire MEGA cloud to a local folder or set up multiple syncs. You can even disqualify certain types of files. Combine this type of “selective” syncing with “shared resources,” and you can allocate and perform workflows in a highly configurable way.

Other MEGA desktop app innovations include the ability to stream straight from any file in your MEGA mist repository and a “deleted data retention” feature, which sorts deleted files into a specific folder.

This removes unnecessary clutter from your desktop and allows you to restore deleted files if you change your mind later.

Management of desktop application syncing, file upload/download, and file versioning functionality is handled by MEGA File Manager. While MEGA’s Transmission Manager stretches you, full controller of lively and finished transmissions, with options to order, pause/resume, open, and make relations.

The MEGA desktop app mixes with your browser to intelligently compensate for browser limitations regarding large files. This type of hybrid method meaningfully recovers dependability and transmission hurries.

The MEGA desktop app is well-matched with Windows, macOS, and Linux working schemes and has cross-platform functionality.

MEGA Mobile Apps –

Of course, not all is done from a desktop these days. The demand for mobile integration across various devices has increased exponentially.

Secure data in motion is where MEGA Mobile Apps Forward.

MEGA gives you unrestricted access to all your data, allowing you to view and share files even if they weren’t originally uploaded from your mobile device.

Other features designed specifically for the demands of a mobile-first culture include secure automatic camera uploads for support up and sharing photos and videos and mobile decryption for secure streaming on phones and tablets.

The MEGA mobile app platform allows you to save files stored in the cloud to your mobile device locally to admit them without a net joining.

Of course, the same end-to-end encoding applies to everything transmitted and stored through the MEGA mobile apps.

Continuation of MEGA Mobile Apps – MEGAchat

Chatting with friends, colleagues, and collaborators is important in mobile infrastructures. But can similar stringent privacy and security measures be applied to these inherently less secure channels?

This is where MEGAchat comes into play.

Moreover. MEGAchat delivers text, voice, and video chat with the same full end-to-end encryption you receive with your other MEGA platforms.

This means that all of your private communications remain just that: In addition,  private. You can securely collaborate via text, voice, photo, and video messaging with individuals and groups.

And if doubts remain about the authenticity of a contact, In addition, MEGAchat incorporates a cryptographic fingerprint verification system – to quickly dispel such thoughts.

Unlimited Sharing within a Chat

Alternatively, you can continue to share text, audio, and visual files directly within a chat from your MEGA explanation or your device store.

The beauty of MEGAchat is that it doesn’t limit conversations to one user’s phone number or device. This means you use one email to chat and call across multiple devices, unlike its competitors.

Browser Extensions –

Let’s look at the thorny issue of browser extensions. Performance in browsers, especially when handling large transfers and downloads, can be slow at best. The problem is latency.

MEGA’s Browser Extensions platform can significantly improve things.

Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, MEGA source files are loaded from the extension itself rather than MEGA’s servers. This means that JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files are executed directly from your machine and do not require additional integrity checks, reducing download times.

To ensure security protocols, updates to browser extensions are cryptographically endangered.

Another advantage of MEGA Browser Postponements is that it keeps track of your PIN, so you won’t essential it every time you admit your explanation.


And for persons who like to work inside the shell and are comfortable using command line messages. In addition, MEGA allows you to configure better management, synchronization, integration, and automation through its MEGAcmd.

In addition. MEGAcmd makes it easy to set up an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and will allow you to access, browse, edit, copy, delete, and back up your MEGA files as if they were located on your computer.

It’s worth noting that the “as if” part is critical here because the decryption and encryption processes will reduce performance, slowing things down slightly.

In addition to facilitating the synchronization and backup of local folders, MEGAcmd allows access to a WebDAV / streaming server.


Still in the terminal realms. The MEGA on NAS platform is another command line tool, this time designed to interact with MEGA from your network attached storage device.

Once set up, you can automatically sync data and transfers between the NAS and MEGA and schedule regular backups to a local folder on your NAS device.

As you would now expect from MEGA, all data is end-to-end encrypted with keys that only the user controls.

Public Source Code

So that’s the performance and functionality on all “platforms.” But how transparent is MEGA? Well, it seems like a good deal. strongly commits to transparency by publishing all of its source code on Github. The MEGA security whitepaper is also available for general scrutiny.

The importance of the public source is that it allows independent verification of its cryptographic model.

In addition. is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the European Union’s data privacy regulations and abides by this policy worldwide, not just in the European Amalgamation.

Data Location

Another significant point in data security is the question of where the data is stored.

All account metadata is stowed in secure facilities in Europe. Data encrypted by the user is kept in secure facilities in Europe or other places that the European Commission has accepted as having an adequate level of data protection, such as New Zealand and Canada.

Support –

Let’s round belongings up with the not unimportant matter of provision.

Despite a devoted help centre packed with FAQs and many contact email addresses, MEGA does not have a live chat support option.

This is a significant downside in our always-on digital culture and a huge disappointment to the customer who expects 24/7 support.

No customer live chat support is a huge disappointment, and MEGA should address this shortcoming.

Pricing plans

Additional space of up to 50 GB can be earned by completing various tasks, such as inviting friends or installing mobile applications, but this additional space is only provisional.

The paid tactics range from €4.99 per month to €29.99 euros for the high-end Pro III type for those who require all the comforts.

The values listed below are once-a-month totals. Custodians are in Euros for all transactions but converted to customers’ local currency.

It’s worth noting that an annual subscription is 16 per cent cheaper than 12 monthly payments.

To plan Price Storage Transfer / Bandwidth
MEGA free plan FREE 20GB not specified
MEGA individual plans , , ,
ProLite From €4.99 per month 400GB 1TB
for me From €9.99 per month 2TB 2TB
Professional II From €19.99 per month 8TB 8TB
Pro III From €29.99 per month 16TB 16TB
MEGA Business Plan €15 / month incl. Three users (€5 extra per new user) 3TB (€2.50 extra per TB) 3TB (€2.50 extra per TB)

From alleged hacking to absolute privacy: a little background story Originated in 2013, New Zealand-operated was born from the ashes of the notorious Mega upload. In addition, a Hong Kong-based file hosting business whose attendants and businesses were detained through the US Division of Fairness in 2012.

Moreover. Mega upload and its proprietor. Moreover. German-Finnish internet entrepreneur Kim Pontocho, were indicted on numerous counts of data breaches and encouraging internet piracy. Charges he strongly denied.

But do you know what they say? There is no bad publicity.

Because, despite its somewhat checkered past, MEGA’s rise in the world of cloud storage has been impressive. Signing up 100,000 users in its first hour, it has quickly become one of the world’s most popular cloud storage services.

Frequent questions

Is safe?

MEGA’s zero-knowledge end-to-end encoding means that only you and authorized recipients can decode shared binders, files, and emails. In addition. This means that not smooth MEGA has access to your password or data, let alone 3rd gatherings. The idea is that your info will remain just that: yours. Two-factor authentication (2FA), password-protected links, and anti-ransomware features further bolster the previously very decent safety identifications.

Is free? –

Yes, MEGA has an allowed plan that has numerous of the features of the paid plans and comes with a generous 20GB of storage to boot. There are no conditions. That is, you can use the free account forever. Paid professional plan versions with additional functionality and storage space cost more.

Is legal?

Despite its ties to the notorious Hong Kong-based file hosting company Megaupload, MEGA is a legitimate organization. Mega has more than 200 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories, and the number of files stored exceeds 87 billion. In addition, MEGA issues regular transparency reports.

Is MEGA better than Dropbox?

I think so, but the response to that question depends on your needs. If you’re after data security and privacy, then MEGA is the clear winner. It also beats Dropbox in the quantity of free storage offered. However, if teamwork through integration with other tools and apps is a priority for you, then Dropbox might be a better fit for you.

Is better than Google Drive?

I think so since with end-to-end zero-knowledge encoding. MEGA strokes Google Drive for safety and confidentiality pointers down. In addition. Not to reference the small substance of 20 GB of allowed storage space related to Google’s 15 GB.  That supposed, Google Drive comes with a host of tools and integrations and, in part due to its lower security threshold, probably offers better collaboration options as well. So if safety and storage space are the qualities, you are looking for in a cloud storage facility, before MEGA is for you.

What is MEGA Cloud / Drop / Bird / CMD?

meganube is the name of Mega’s cloud storage platform. MEGA drop allows anyone with the link to upload files to your MEGA cloud, even if they don’t have an account. In addition. Mega bird is the Firefox email client extension that Thunderbird should use to send large encrypted files. Moreover. MEGAcmd is the command line request for Mac, Windows, In addition, or Linux for users to circumnavigate their MEGA explanation as if it were a local folder and use advanced features through a command line interface.

Mega Review for 2022 – Summary Moreover, MEGA is a very attractive proposition. It’s a feature-rich, security- and privacy-conscious behemoth of a cloud storage service that boasts a user-friendly interface and a pretty inspiring free form to get you ongoing.

This broad plea and functionality. In addition, combined with a free version that gives you 20 GB of storage space right out of the box, makes a tough deal to turn down.

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