While posting an ad, one or more of sahibinden.com doping can be purchase on the Private Me page (while active adverts are active or re-activating passive adverts). Doping can be change or cancel before payment.

They are redirect to the payment page for all receive Doping’s. On the payment page, under “Order Summary,” the name, validity period, and price of the doping are display to the users.

The product information about the purchase doping, validity period, and “Doping Usage Rules” are automatically sent to the register e-mail address of the users. Furthermore, accept Doping rules are store electronically. In addition, for all Doping’s, detail information about the product receive, validity period, price, and the rules they have accept are sent via e-mail.

Doping’s cannot be transfer to other accounts. When a doping advertisement is remove from the publication, the right to doping is burn. Therefore, this doping cannot be use in this advertisement or other advertisements.


Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

No alternative solution mechanism is applies, and in case of conflict, the contractual provisions between our Company and the account holder/user will be use.

What is Doping? Sahibinden.com

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Doping is a product offered to sahibinden.com users that enables users to highlight their ads and differentiate them from others. As a result, your ads are view by more people and reach their buyers quickly. So you can sell or rent as soon as possible.


Why Should I Dope?

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You may prefer sahibinden.com doping for the following reasons;

  • If your ad has many similarities and you want it to be different,
  • If it is a very feature ad and you want to highlight it,
  • If’s you want to sell/rent as soon as possible,
  • You lowered its price and want to attract attention,
  • If you want it to be view by many more potential buyers,
  • Your posting date is outdate, and you want to show that your posting is up to date.

sahibinden.com doping’s allow your ad to stand out from its peers and be viewed more on this effective platform that hosts millions of active ads at any given time. Thus, your ad will be sold or rented much faster.

Who Is Doping Suitable For?

Individual users can purchase doping with the following options;

With 1 Week, 2 Week, and 4 Week options:

  • Emergency Emergency
  • Home Showcase
  • Detailed Search Showcase
  • Price Drops
  • Category Showcase
  • I’m on the Top

With the Ad During Posting option:

  • Small Photograph
  • Bold Text & Color Frame

Only once a day:

  • my Update

On the other hand, corporate users can purchase doping in bulk in addition to individual users. If you are a corporate user, you can purchase the most suitable doping with the “Buy Doping” link on the Special Me page. You can also view the reports from the “Doping Reports” link in the Reports section of the Private Me screen.

My product has been sold / my ad has been removed. Can I use my active doping in another ad?

No, the doping received is valid for the advertisement number to which it belongs. This right cannot be used in any other advertisement.

What are the Advertisement Rules? Sahibinden.com

You can access the rules applicable to all individual and corporate account holders at the sahibinden.com portal by clicking on the ” Rules for Posting Ads ” link.

How can I see my doping reports?

Reports can be view from the “Doping Reports” link in the Reports section of the Private Me screen.

Can I change the payment method for returns?

No, the same method is use for the return as when purchasing.

When will my doping be active?

The sahibinden.com doping approval team evaluates the advertisement that you have received doping. If the ad is approve, the doping will be active, and the user will receive a notification e-mail. The doping fee is automatically returned to the user if the ad is not approve.

Sahibinden.com – What are Doping Fees?

You can find all doping types and price information on our Doping Introduction page.

The update service fee is for single use. Each announcement date is retaken in the update process. For the same ad, Update can be purchase for the second time only after 24 hours.

sahibinden.com doping fees include 18% VAT.

What are the Payment Methods?

Individual users can only purchase doping with a credit or debit card.

On the other hand, corporate users can purchase doping with credit and debit cards, as well as money order and EFT methods.

Cash, three installments, and six payment options can be preferer with contracted credit or debit cards. Only advance payment is taken for non-contract credit or debit cards.

The doping received is valid for the advertisement number to which it belongs. However, this right cannot be transferred to another advertisement.

Mobile payment is accepted for Update doping only. Both individual and corporate users can use this method.

Sahibinden.com Rules – What are the Cancellation and Refund Conditions?

The doping fee will be refund in the following cases ;

  1. If the advertisement is not publish due to the violation of sahibinden.com ‘s Rules for Posting Advertisements,
  2. If there is a legal obstacle to the ad’s publication, such as a trademark rights violation.
  3. In case of technical errors (not publishing the ad, not displaying the ad, etc.) caused by sahibinden.com,
  4. If the advertisement is remove from publication due to changes made in the legislation or in the Rules of Posting Ads of sahibinden.com over time.

In the following cases, the doping fee is non-refundable ;

  1. If the user removes the advertisement before the doping period expires,
  2. Any doping purchased an ad by the rules of posting before becomes inappropriate with the changes made by the user (photo change and adding, adding a description and changing, etc.),
  3. If the sahibinden.com account is close due to the user’s violation of the terms in the account agreement.


How Can I Be Certified Out of Pocket (CO)?

What is a Pocket Certified (CO)?

The service provided by sahibinden.com certifies that buyers can shop confidently and that sellers are reliable. By confirming that your mobile phone number belongs to you with your Pocket Verified Account, you can gain the buyers’ trust and perform your shopping transactions faster.

Only Mobile Approve members can post advertisements, edit them, and send messages to the owners of the promotions they are interest in.


How can I be Certified Out of Pocket (CO)?

When you want to post an ad or ask a question (send a message) to the owner of the ad, you will be direct to the Approved by Pocket steps. After typing your mobile phone number and entering the confirmation code sent to your phone in the relevant field, you can be approve from Your Pocket.

To change your defined Mobile Verified number, you must enter the Mobile Phone page under My Account Information in the My Account tab in Private for Me and complete the relevant procedures.

Can a Mobile Verified Number be Use on More than one Account?

A Pocket Verifies number can be use simultaneously in 1 individual and one corporate account. However, the same number cannot be approve from Pocket in 2 different individual performances simultaneously.

Suppose the exact number is use in 1 individual and 1 corporate account. In that case, advertisements cannot be place on the individual account in the category where the store belonging to the corporate account is locate. For example, if a vehicle store belongs to the corporate account, vehicle advertisements cannot be post from the individual account.


Can a Pocket Verified (CO) Number be Transfer to Another Account?

Our account holders can move their mobile phone numbers to another individual account, except under the following conditions. Situations where number porting is not possible ;

  • If the number is approve by Pocket in another individual account and this user has an active or pending advertisement,
  • If the number is Pocket Verified in another account and this user has an ongoing Secure e-Commerce (GeT) transaction,
  • The user who wants to change his Mobile Verified number has an ongoing Secure e-Commerce (GeT) transaction in merchant status.

Corporate account holders can move a mobile phone number to another corporate account, provide that there are no active advertisements on the account where the mobile phone is verified.

What Does the Phrase “Another Account Holder uses the Phone Number you Entered” Mean?

If you want to identify any mobile phone number to your account (i.e., to be Verified by Mobile), this number must not be use by another user/account. This does not mean that your phone number is use by someone else. It can also be a sahibinden.com account you create before. It is straightforward to move the number to the history of your choice. Write CO from the specific mobile phone number and send an SMS to +90 532 752 3540.

There is an Advertisement Publisher with the Mobile Phone Number 5xxxxxxxxx. What does the Expression “You can use this Number as a Mobile Approved after the Active ad Goes live”?

If another user/account uses the mobile phone number you have specified, and there is an active ad with this user/account, you will see this warning. To move this number to a different user/account, you must first unpublish your active ad in the other version. You can then perform the migration.

Sahibinden.com Steps What are Ad Tips?

1. Identifying the Right Category

The first step in creating an ad is correctly determining the ad’s category. It is essential to choose the upper class and the sub-categories under it.

On sahibinden.com, there are 10 top categories, from real estate to services. In addition, these top categories are divide into hundreds of sub and intermediate classes. Placing your ad in the appropriate Top and bottom categories will increase the chances of buyers finding you.

If you are hesitant to determine the appropriate category for your ad, we have a solution;

  • On the first page of the posting process (Category Selection page), you will see the ” Category Selection by Search ” link.
  • When you click on this link, a search box will appear.
  • When you write the words describing the product in your ad and click the ‘Search’ button, the categories suitable for your product will be list.

2. Creating an Impressive Headline

The ad’s title is one of the most critical elements in terms of more accessible access to your ad and preventing the hesitation that may occur in the minds of the buyers about your product. Remember, buyers, read the headline of your ad first.

In the title, you should write the definitions such as name, brand, and model that express your product without lengthy and precise. Some adjectives and descriptions can also be add to the name or brand of the product. Buyers may not trust your product if you do not choose these definitions carefully.

For example, “Casper 14.1 Celeron 1.86ghz Laptop” can be given as an example of a suitable ad headline. However, a title such as “Casper, lightly use clean laptop” is not appropriate as it will be insufficient to describe the product and attract the attention of serious buyers.

3. Write an Explanation That Leaves No Question Mark

In the explanations section, you should write all the details about the product in complete and unambiguous terms. If there are any defects or defects or damages to the product, you should express them honestly without hiding them.

This way, you will increase your confidence in a general and commercial sense. Moreover, if you keep it as broad as the product descriptions, you will reduce the question marks of the buyers.

4. Sahibinden.com Pricing Setting an Affordable Price

Let’s say right now; You can ask for the price you want for your product. This is a requirement of free trade. So the seller is free to set the price he wants, and the buyer can choose the product with the most suitable price for his budget.

While we generally accept this, in practice, product pricing is one of the challenges for sellers. For product pricing, you can use the “prices of similar products” listed on sahibinden.com.

In a free market, prices are form in the market. This is a correct pricing method because sahibinden.com is also a free market. This way, you can have an idea about the current price of your product.

If your product has deficiencies (damage, wear, defect, etc.), you can reduce the price and increase its worth with different features unavailable to its peers.

5. Service of Sahibinden.com, Out of Pocket Approved

Cepden Onaylı is the “free” service of sahibinden.com, which certifies that the sellers are reliable. With the Pocket Verified Account, you can confirm that your mobile phone number belongs to you and ensure that your ads gain the buyers’ trust.

For more detailed information about Pocket Certified, find How Can I Be Certified Out of Pocket (CO) in our Help section?   Also, you can check the title.

6. Advertisement Publication Period

By selecting this feature when placing an advertisement in the Second Hand and New Shopping and Spare Parts category, you can have your advertising automatically republished when its publication period expires. So when your ad expires, it will be publish again without you having to do anything.

To use the automatic publication feature, you must have the right to free advertisements. 1 will be deduct from your free posting entitlement during each republishing process. This process is repeat up to 5 times as long as you have the right to post free ads annually, and your ad will remain live for up to 6 months.

If you have chosen this feature, but your right to post a free ad before six months is over, your ad will be automatically republish.

Even though you have chosen this feature, if you unpublish your ad before six months due to the sale of your ad or on your request, your ad will be stop automatically.