The login react app. In this pandemic of covid-19, everything is going digital. Simultaneously, the education of children is also different from being online. Because of this situation, new education applications are being launched every day. Like today we are going to tell you about Eduvate Parent Portal.


What is Eduvate Parent Portal? login react: Eduvate is a multilevel strategy and consulting organization that supports innovations in non-formal education systems, informal learning environments and technology-based tools for learning, teaching and assessment.

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Eduvate is one of a kind mission to empower teachers, students and parents. It aims to simplify the operations of schools, train teachers, design curriculum and manage any examinations easily, interact with parents, and create value for all stakeholders in the school ecosystem by providing custom solutions.

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You can easily log in from login react app using this Procedure. To log in, go to “” and enter the necessary information.

  1. Visit the ””.
  2. Enter the username and Password.
  3. Click on the Sign-in Option.

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http // login

In login react app. To use the educate parent portal App, go to the Google Play store and download the app.

  • Simply open the play store.
  • Search the “educate parent portal” app.
  • select the Application which is published by Lets eduvate.
  • Press to install your Application. and wait until the installation.


How to Download the Educate Parent Portal for Ios

  • Go to the play store App store and find the “Eduvate parent portal’.
  • Choose the App providing by K12 Techno Services Private Ltd.
  • In End, Click on the “GET ” then Install Option.

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In login react app. “Educate parent portal app download for laptop” is an easy way to get the benefits of the educate parent portal on a laptop, PC, or Windows.

  1. Just, Download and Install the Emulator like Blues tacks, LD Players, and big-nox.
  2. Open Emulator and log in with the Gmail Account.
  3. Now Open the Google Play store and type in search bar for the Application.
  4. Then Install the Educate parent portal on your Laptop PC.

How to Upload Homework in Educate Parent Portal

In login react app. Eduvate’s Parent Portal software requires the following steps to upload homework.

  1. Firstly, Login into your Application.
  2. Select the class and Choose the Upload Option.
  3. Now select the Homework and Upload it.

How to Upload Homework in Educate Parent Portal

How to download Eduvate parent portal For iOS

  • Go to the playstore Appstore and search the “Eduvateparentportal’.
  • Choose the App provided by K12 Techno Services Private Ltd.
  • At last Click on the “GET ” then Install Option.

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Website Review Of login is a sub-domain of the domain term delegated below the generic top-level domain .com. The web-servers are located in India and are reachable through multiple IPv4 addresses. login

3 Fun Games to Teach Your Kids English at Home

As a parent, there are many things you can do at home to teach your children English.

Of course, you are not an expert in this; you have no teaching experience. But some fun and informal home games that don’t require “experience” can help you help your child.

Here are some common fun English activities that you can try at home to teach English to your children:

1. Word Search

This game is exciting and simple. Also, it won’t take widely of your time either, keeping your little one busy for quite some time. You need a large piece of cardboard, an old children’s magazine, scissors, a marker and glue.

Cut out the cardboard and place them side by side. On one side, write all the alphabets vertically. Now ask your kid to go through the magazine, find 5-10 words that start with “A” and glue those words onto another piece of cardboard that corresponds to the letter A.

2. Create a word

This is one of the prevalent English activities for students that helps them review the words they know and deepen their creativity.

The idea is simple. Take cardboard, cut it into minor pieces and write letters on each piece. To start, have 5 sets of each alphabet; like five ‘A’s, five ‘B’s… If necessary, put the vowels more times, since they are the ones that are used the most. Ask your child to create as numerous words (from three alphabets and more) in one hour. The following day, ask them to do better and create extra words. Over the next few days, once they start to improve, you can remove a set of alphabets from the mix (ie now it would be just four ‘A’s, four ‘B’s). ..) This would make things more difficult for your child.

You can continue this game for weeks or even months. And each time, it will be just as interesting for your child.

3. Match the meaning

Learning new words is not enough. Children should have a good understanding of these words. This is 1 of the English activities for children that will help you with just that.

Take a large piece of cardboard and cut it into small square pieces. Write a word on one piece and the meaning on another piece. Shuffle all the pieces with the meanings. Ask your child to choose a piece that includes a word, then find the corresponding piece that includes the meaning of that word. Rate them for each good game. The more they score, the better!

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