Making a Slogan – Once you have chosen the name and concept of your brand, you have one last point to establish: your slogan! This is the little phrase that must get into the minds of consumers, customers, suppliers, partners… and whose role is to represent your entity and its values. Here are some tips that should be useful for you to create a good slogan.

1. Share your Values

Your tagline should represent your business and, therefore, should reflect your values. Necessarily associated with your brand, it remains present in the minds of consumers. And then, if it brings nothing and gives no information about your company, what is its use? One sentence is enough to demonstrate the beliefs or promises of its brand. Beyond a simple slogan, make it a motto and mark the spirits!

2. Keep it Short and Effective

“March and it starts again! », « Impossible is nothing », « Have a break, Have a kit-kat »… You do not notice anything? They all turn out to be short and easy to remember. The interest? Make them memorable by all. The primary goal of a slogan remains to be understood by as many people as possible so that it can be more easily associated with the brand in question. Using multiple phrases for your tagline runs the risk of it not being remembered or misunderstood. On the agenda: speed and efficiency!

3. Choose a Message…

In addition to containing your values, your slogan must also convey a message. Why ? Quite simply to give it meaning and utility. Sharing your values is good, but you can’t be satisfied with just that. Make sure it evokes an idea (specific or not) to consumers. Not only will it attract more attention but, on top of that, word of mouth will work even more. Choose, however, well what you want to say in your slogan. Beware of bad buzz!

4. Convey an Emotion

Convey an Emotion Making a Slogan

A slogan that conveys no emotion very often turns out to be a failed slogan. By creating a feeling, whether it’s joy or not, you’ll increase your chances of capturing consumers’ attention and making an impact. This simple parameter can also lead your future customers to become ambassadors of your brand. If they feel a real emotion from your slogan, they will express the desire to carry your values. To check the impact of the latter, test it first with those around you by observing the reactions.

5. Combine credibility, Realism and Relevance

The purpose of a slogan is not to lie! Selling dreams would do you no good and could even harm you. Stay credible, realistic and relevant. Contrary to what some might think, telling the truth can help you by strengthening the bond of trust between you and your prospects or customers. A good argument for loyalty. And then, if you started your business, it’s because a priori, you believe in it! No need to add more, simply show how your product/service is interesting. After all, if you like it, why shouldn’t consumers like it? Word of mouth will do the rest…

6. Add a Style Effect for Musicality

“Carglass repairs, Carglass replaces”. Do you have the small tune in mind? Perfect ! Your mission is not so different. Give your slogan a stylistic effect to give it a certain musicality, always with the idea that it will be remembered by as many people as possible. In case you can’t find a similar style effect, opting for a rhyme that highlights your brand name can be a good idea. It will make it all the further easier to memorize. It’s your turn!

7. Distribute it on Different Mediums

Before finalizing your perfect slogan, another factor comes into play: its distribution. To put the odds on your side, distribute your slogan on as many media as possible (according to your means) such as the web, the press, television, radio… Sharing your slogan on a large scale will thus make it gain notoriety. With a much more powerful impact, it will be easier to memorize, both in writing and orally!

8. Make it Timeless

Can you imagine having to change your slogan every year? Of course not. When creating the latter, you must take this aspect into account. In other words, make it timeless! Regardless of the year or the season, your slogan must, in addition to remaining understandable by all, endure over time. Do not take the easy way out with a special holiday promotional offer to the detriment of your entity’s values, for example, you will end up losing time and credibility. Keeping the same slogan for a long time (which does not exclude being able to change it if necessary, editor’s note), remains a guarantee of reliability for consumers.

Remember, a good slogan should stick in the minds of those who hear or read it. It’s your turn to enter the memory of consumers!

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