ABC News currently sits at No. 2 in the App Store’s overall app rankings in Australia. According to the analytics firm App Annie the verge Australian broadcasting corporation.  App Annie: Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s news app was briefly the most downloaded app on the AU App.

What is App Annie?

App Annie The Verge Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Just like us at, they provide a variety of digital tools (platforms, APIs, file dumps, etc.) that can be used by mobile app developers, market researchers, brands, ad networks, digital advertisers, and other businesses to analyze the mobile app and app market landscape.

App Annie will be granting this opportunity to 100 companies worldwide. Companies cannot share their App Annie account with/to other administrations or individuals, even if they are part of the same group. Only the eligible and approved company may access and use App Annie Intelligence Lite in accordance with the Terms of Use and for their internal business purposes.

App Annie the Verge Australian Broadcasting Corporation

App Annie the Verge Australian Broadcasting Corporation

According to data from the data analysis company “App Annie”. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation dropped to No. 19 in the “App Store”. Overall rankings on the afternoon of the 2nd but still ranked first in the news category.

Analyst Patel said that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation may have used Facebook to block it to attract users to download its APP.

Facebook refused to compromise the new laws of the Australian government, and after the blockade was launch.  Australian users could not browse and share the news at home and abroad. Some non-news organizations and some official organizations were also affects. Facebook’s strong style has also been criticize lot.

App Annie will pay $10 Million to Settle a Fraud Investigation


App Annie will pay $10 Million to Settle a Fraud Investigation

App Annie. A business enterprise that collects and sells facts about the overall performance of cellular apps. Has agreed to pay $10 million to settle a securities fraud research. America Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said in an assertion.

According to the SEC, App Annie use confidential information from app companies to generate its statistical models of app performance. It told the companies the data they provide would be aggregate and anonymize and not disclose to third parties. But the SEC alleges that between late 2014 and mid-2018. App Annie and its former CEO Bertrand Schmitt use data that had not been aggregate or anonymize to make its estimates more valuable to sell to trading firms. And, the SEC alleged, App Annie “shared ideas for how the trading firms could use the estimates to trade ahead of upcoming earnings announcements.”

Australian Broadcasting Corporation News App was Briefly

Australian Broadcasting Corporation News App was Briefly

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is the major national public broadcaster, contributing to and reflecting Australia s national identity.

ABC is an integral part of the radio, television and online production industries and the news and information media. It also plays an important role in digital broadcasting and the introduction of new media services.

ABC television reflects the diversity of interests in the community nationally through a range of distinctive programs of broad and specialist appeal. ABC television commissions produce. Purchase and schedule all general programs as well as current affairs programs. It is watched in metropolitan areas by approximately 8.5 million viewers and in rural areas by 4.1 million viewers every week.

ABC television is available via an analogue signal to 98.19 per cent of the population. The analogue service is transmit via 961 terrestrial transmitters around Australia, including Self-Help facilities, which are operate and maintain by local councils or community groups and the Broadcasting for Remote Aboriginal Communities Scheme (BRACS).


The commercial arm of ABC was set up in 1974 under the title Enterprises as a self-funding unit advertising products relating to ABC’s sports. It was rename in 2007 to ABC Commercial. The intention of ABC Commercial changed into “to create, market and retail high nice customer products which reflect and extend the possibility of the ABC’s sports”. However, At this time it comprised the ABC Shop. ABC Consumer Publishing and Content Sales, ABC Resource Hire, and ABC Content Services (Archives).