What is the Beats charger called?

USB to Type C Fast Charging Cord Charger Cable for Beats Fit Pro Wireless Earbuds Earphones and Beats Studio Buds Beats Flex Headphones Compatible with Beats USB-C Charger Cord (White)

Do Beats need a specific charger?

This item requires a 1.5m lightning to USB-A charging cable on the package.

What sort of charger does Beats Flex use?

Regarding charging the Beats Flex, you’ll require a USB-C link, which is one more distinction from the BeatsX, which utilized Lightning. Beats Flex accompanies a 6-inch USB-C to USB-C association. However, you’ll have to supply your power connector or interface them directly to a PC.

Could you at any point stand by listening to Beats Flex while charging?

Your Beats Flex charges utilizing an altogether different framework from how they interface with your gadget. That implies you can plug your Beats Flex in and charge while they are being used and associated with your cell phone, tablet, PC, or PC

How would I see my Beats Flex battery duration?

The Beats application for Android shows the screen for your associated gadget. For example, on the gadget screen, the battery level displays beneath the picture of the earphones, headphones, or Pill+ speaker.

Do Beats Flex switch off consequently?

The Beats Flex doesn’t naturally switch off, so it should be physically done. Switching them off will protect battery duration and keep the music from playing coincidentally.

How long do Beats Flex last?


Apple guarantees the Beats Flex has a 12-hour battery duration, yet we got somewhat less than that after we exposed the Flex to our standard battery test, where we play the music that tops at 75dB(SPL) until the battery drains. The Flex endured 10 hours and 24 minutes before it was thoroughly out of juice.

Can I at any point accuse Beats Flex of any USB-C charger?

Your Beats Flex miniature headphones accompany a USB-C charging link that can interface with any USB-C connector or port without much of a stretch, remembering those for present-day MacBooks. So to charge your Beats Flex by interfacing it to a wall power source, you’ll require a USB-C power connector, accessible at Apple and any hardware retailer.

Instructions to Charge Beats Flex

Not particular where to put that link to charge your Beats Flex earphones? Your Beats Flex headphones accompany a USB-C charging link that can undoubtedly interface with any USB-C connector or port, remembering those for present-day MacBooks. So to charge your Beats Flex by interfacing it to a wall power source, you’ll require a USB-C power connector, accessible at Apple and any gadgets retailer. This wikiHow article will tell you the best way to charge your Beats Flex headphones with a USB-C link.


  1. Switch your headphones off. Then, press the Power button on the right control module (it seems to be a container that tracks down along the string).

On the other hand, when the earphones are on, you’ll see the light on the Power button that demonstrates how much battery charge is left. A white light implies that over an hour stays; a red light method there’s under an hour left; a flickering red light means that your Beats Flex needs to charge.

Any lights on it should switch off to show it’s off.

  1. Plug the USB-C link into the port on the other control module. This link accompanied the headphones when you bought them. However, if you don’t have the first link, you can track down a USB-C link at any hardware retailer.

Assuming you have an Android telephone or tablet, you ought to have the option to utilize that USB-C link to charge your headphones.

  1. Interface the opposite finish to a power source or connector. For example, you can interface opposite the side of the link to your MacBook Pro. It likewise has a USB-C port for charging (you would instead not utilize your MacBook’s 60w charger; however, you can interface straightforwardly to your PC) power connector to plug straightforwardly into a power source.

You can buy a USB-C connector at any gadget retailer. It connects to the wall toward one side and permits you to associate through USB-C rather than just interfacing USB ports.

For a full charge, keep these associated for around an hour and a half. A fast 10-minute charge will get you around 90 minutes of listening time. A full account goes on for approximately 12 hours.

While your Beats Flex earphones are charging, the LED will streak red. When they  finished setting, the LED will become white.

Do all Beats utilize a similar charger?

You can utilize any connector with a USB female connector, as long as the opposite finish of the link is a male android connector.

About this thing

NOTE: (Not pertinent to): Beats Studio Buds, Beats Studio 1, Beats Flex, Beats X, Powerbeats, Powerbeats 1,PowerBeats Pro, Solo Pro, Beats Pill+, if it’s not too much trouble, see the image portrayal for subtleties.

It is simply pertinent to (Micro ↔ USB) jack products. Professional charging link for Beats by Dr Dre series. Note:( just viable with) Beats by dr Dre Studio 2 3, Beats by dr Dre Solo 2 3, Beats by dr Dre Powerbeats 2 3, Beats Pill 2.0 Speake

An underlying protected and fast charging chip safeguards the battery misfortune and maturing of the headset. Made with innovation, aluminium composite shell, PVC fire resistant material.

For Beats Solo 3, Studio 2 3, Powerbeats 2 3 Wireless Headphones, Pill 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Lifetime well-disposed client support and a 3-year straightforward guarantee has to be done. In the occurrence that under any circumstance you are not happy with the item, you will get a substitution or a 100 per cent discount.

Might I at any point involve an iPhone charger for Beats Flex?

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You can accuse your Beats Flex of any USB-C link, so you can utilize a similar string you use to charge your iPhone to charge your Beats Flex. Likewise, any charger you use for your Phone can likewise utilized for your Beats Flex. You need the USB-C, and all that will be viable.

Could I at any point accuse my beats of any charger?

You can utilize any connector with a USB female connector, as long as the opposite finish of the link is a male android connector.

What is a Type C USB charger?

A USB-C link is a new sort of USB connector that is simpler to utilize and more remarkable than more seasoned USB types. USB-C links can  used for rapidly charge numerous well-known gadgets, including the MacBook Pro and Nintendo Switch, and move information quicker than some other USB types.

What is USB-C? The most recent and most impressive kind of USB link made sense

USB means “General Serial Bus.” It was named this since engineers felt it would supplant different connectors to turn into the one widespread connector.

Tragically, circumstances didn’t pan out so conveniently. As a result, throughout the long term, about six varieties of USB have arisen, including smaller expected USBs and miniature USBs.

Furthermore, the fundamental USB connector style, called USB-A, is scandalously defective. Nearly yet not exactly symmetric, it’s infuriatingly challenging to embed appropriately on the main attempt.

How fast do Beats Flex charge?

Presently, USB-C is the most recent rendition of the USB standard. Yet, unlike the rest, USB-C may be adequate to stay close.

Here is the thing you ought to be familiar with USB-C, the best interpretation of the innovation in years.

Apple’s fast charge design has made possession of your Beats Flex battery complete easy, and quick. With your Beats Flex plugged into a 20 W fast-charger for just 10 minutes, you’ll get an hour and a half of rerun time. Even crazy, it takes less than 90 minutes to get your Beats Flex up to a full charge.


The Beats Flex is a fantastic choice for relaxing music and web recording audience members. Join that with the remarkable association, substantial battery duration, USB-C charging, and in particular, the USD 50 sticker price, and this is an awesome pick.