PR agents build and manage the reputations of brands and businesses – and, in the event of any negative press coverage – help fight fires too. As such, they’re an integral part of a company’s success. Let’s take a look at the five reasons why it’s important to have a partner like this in your corner.

They can get you great media coverage

Regular, upbeat media attention builds brands. It helps companies develop, evolve, and obtain new market share. A great PR Agency will build your authority, make it easier to maintain great relationships with current audiences, and bring newer clientele to your doorstep.

Positive coverage can also showcase your brand to millions of potential customers. Amazing editorial coverage in the national press can bring more results than advertising you pay thousands for(though businesses still need to do this).

They can drive traffic to your website

With more than half the world’s population using the internet, companies need to up their game to boost digital presence. One way they do this is to leverage link-building techniques and design effective SEO campaigns. These tactics drive higher rankings, bring more traffic to the website, and increase conversion rates.

They can generate lots of new business leads

Professional PR management from a reputable PR Agency can help to generate lots of new business leads. An example is the release of a new product with a great media campaign to support it. The business gets increased visibility, exposure to new customers, and better long-term prospects.

Years ago, advertising campaigns on TV, radio, and in print were the way to get more traction. As people gained more media awareness, they became less responsive to traditional ads. To get their attention and generate new leads, you need to design a comprehensive PR-focused campaign.

They can build up trust and gain business credibility

Communicating the brand name, products, or relevant messaging to the target audience through media and social media can help boost a business’ credibility and standing.

How many times have you seen, on a company website, the ‘As featured in…’ phrase, followed by a list of media outlets and organizations? Probably a good number.  When you see this, it’s a clear indicator that a company has an effective PR team.

They’ll get you out of a black hole with great crisis management

Even the best businesses have downtimes or periods when their outlook isn’t great. From bad press coverage and a dodgy ad campaign to negative reactions on social media, such issues call for a comprehensive crisis management plan.

A plan like this, put in place before any sort of media disaster strikes, can help save a lot of time and money in the long run. It can also avert a worse crisis down the line.

A robust strategy created by a pro PR  team will help you develop a strong response and put your company on the road to recovery.