Asteroid City is the American comedy-drama of 2023 directed, written, and produced by Wes Anderson, the story he wrote with Roman Coppola. This project was announced in September 2020 with the untitled film written, produced, and directed by Anderson with Jeremy Dawson of the empirical pictures. Then, in February 2021, they described it as a group of brainy teenagers. It was filmed in Spain. Then, the official title was released in October 2021

What is the Storyline of Asteroid City?

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Asteroid City is a movie with two simultaneous plotlines, i.e., a stage play centering on a junior stargaze convention in the desert town of Asteroid City and a black-and-white TV documentary. A lot of attention is on the widowed photographer, the passing of his wife, and his inability to tell his four children that their mother is dead and three weeks have passed since her death. We handle the situation our way, which is the case of Augie and his family.

Augie evades attempts to get lost in his photography hobby and a budding romance with the midge Campbell. While his son Woodrow figures out the mystery of a recent alien encounter while his three daughters act like witches and hold a burial ceremony of their mother’s ashes in the alley between the two houses, there is also an argument about which the play tackles that how we lost in ourselves when it comes to grief and forget about those who are around us also going through the grieving processes of their own.

Then, the play shows the conversation between Augie and his father-in-law, who says he is not the only one grieving. In the whole movie, we can see countless characters in it. But the best line is the junior stargazers, treated as the outsiders. By this, Dinah Campbell says to Woodrow that I feel the home as the parts outside the environment. This line gives the message about the feeling of being an outsiders.

In the movie, the young astronomers are treated like aliens, and even the parents do not fully understand them. But the young ones are making a sense when they are together. In the town, the parents and other people are quarantined in their homes and not allowed after the aliens arrive. When the aliens visited the asteroid city, they all felt trapped in the town as the US government ordered them to quarantine. It sounds familiar and made us remember the days of a pandemic that was three years ago.

Is Asteroid City Confusing?

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If you have seen the movie Asteroid City, you may feel it is confusing, senseless, and pointless, as this movie does not show any meaning. It offers many characters and their individual story, so it is a play that shows different scenes in a single film. But you can find it a comedy movie as you can see other characters, behaviors, and dialogues.


Asteroid City premiered at the 76th Cannes Film Festival on May 23, 2023. It gave a limited release in the theatres of New York City and Los Angeles in the United States on June 16, 2023, and then they expanded its release on June 23, 2023.

How much is the duration of Asteroid City?

You can watch the Asteroid City comedy-drama movie, which is shown in the play and lasts about one hour forty-five minutes. It is the average duration of every other Hollywood movie.

Reviews on the Asteroid City

Wes Anderson’s latest whimsical creation, Asteroid City, is a delightful and heartwarming coming-of-age story set in the nostalgic backdrop of a 1950s summer camp. With his signature aesthetic and quirky characters, Anderson weaves a colorful tapestry of childhood adventures, touching relationships, and laugh-out-loud humor.

Who is the cast in Asteroid City?

cast of asteroid city

Scarlett Johansson as Midge Campbell

Maya Hawke as June Douglas

Jason Schwartzman as augie steenbeck

Sophia Lillis as Shelly

Tony Revolver is as gen

Tom Hanks as Stanley Zak

Rupert fiend as Montana

Edward noroton as conrad earp

Bryan Cranston as host

Jeff Goldblum as the alien

Tilda Swinton as Dr. Hickenlooper

Jake Ryan as Woodrow

Steve Carell as motel manager

Hope Davis, as Sandy Borden

Hong Chau as Polly and many more


The Asteroid City movie has such a fantastic cast. It has all the characters that do the acting very well, but the plot and storyline are such a disappointment as this movie makes no sense. How much we try to understand, we cannot find a single logic in the film, but it was a comedy-drama shown in different scenes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Genre of Asteroid City?

A. The Asteroid City is a sci-fi movie because it is a mixture of elements of science fiction and drama with some of the comedy.

Who is the director of Asteroid City?

A. Wes Anderson has directed the movie Asteroid City

What is the reason for military quarantine in the asteroid city?

A. The reason for quarantine was to protect the members from the aliens.

How does the Asteroid City End?

A. In the end, the Augie family leaves the asteroid city, so it is concluded that the time in this city ended, and with that, the movie ends.