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Write for Us Crypto Blockchain

Write for Us Crypto Blockchain

Are you an experienced journalist looking for a regular writing concert? Are you a crypto enthusiast who wants to get more expert experience in writing? Are you a freelancer inadequate to get involved in crypto or blockchain?

If you answered yes to any of the above, get in touch with the Business Knowledge today team and we’ll walk you more through the process of getting your articles published on Business Knowledge today.

What is Business Knowledge Today?

Business Knowledge today is an Indian independent crypto news outlet. We are quickly expanding and aim to be the premier source for all Indian crypto and blockchain news. Founded in 2020, we’ve been part of the crypto scene since 2017 being early adopters in DeFi, NFTs and a huge variety of Layer 1s. Our passion is crypto & blockchain and Business Knowledge today is our way of giving back to the crypto & blockchain community.

We cover all from policy updates, tech news, DeFi, NFTs, anything crypto we cover it.

Our blog attracts the maximum people of unique visitors per month from all over the world. Readers include all kinds of technology. Therefore, there is much to be gained by contributing to and get your write for us technology article published.

How to Submit your Article?

We will be happy if you contribute content to Business Knowledge Today. Please email us at

What are Blockchain Platforms?

Blockchain platforms are digital systems that utilize blockchain technology to enable secure and transparent transactions. These platforms are designed to provide a decentralized and distributed ledger that records and verifies transactions without intermediaries. Blockchain platforms are used in various industries, including finance, healthcare, and supply chain management, to enhance security, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Every interaction is recorded in a database that depends on each preceding, time-stamped transaction to authenticate and carry out a trade. The autonomous database can be valuable for businesses seeking to document exchanges and prevent fraudulent transactions.

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