David Da Silva is a football (soccer) player from Brazil named David Aparecido da Silva Alves who played for clubs like Figueirense, Primavera, and Bragantino.

Matches of David Da Silva

david aparecido da silva alves

In his prime during the early 2000s, he played as a striker for Figueirense in the Brazilian Serie A and B leagues. He scored over 30 goals for the Club from 1998-2004. He had a brief stint playing abroad in South Korea for Chunnam Dragons in 2005-2006, scoring seven goals in 36 appearances. Returning to Brazil, he played single seasons for Primavera and Bragantino near the end of his career in 2007-2009 before retiring. He was known for being a poacher-style striker who was clinical in the penalty area. Hard-working but limited technically. Has not played professionally since 2009 retirement. Possibly, he may have moved into coaching or another career post-playing.

Retirement of David Da Silva

david aparecido da silva alves

Manchester City player David Silva has said his goodbyes to football as the World Cup winner and four-time Premier League champion announced his retirement. The 37-year-old David Silva played about 436 games across ten seasons at the Etihad Stadium, helping turn the City into the best team in England and winning 11 significant honors with the Club.

Silva started his career in the Valencia ranks by making his senior debut in 2004 and spending six years in La Liga before signing for the City. He covered 125 times for Spain, scoring 35 goals and winning the 2010 World Cup. He left City in 2020, with chairman Khaldoon al-Mubarak confirming Silva would be one of three players –Vincent Kompany and Sergio Agüero – whose contribution to the Club would be commemorated with a statue outside the Etihad.

During pre-season training, the 37-year-old damaged his anterior cruciate ligament with his current La Liga club, Real Sociedad. He has now decided to call time on a beautiful career for both Club and country and will be remembered as one of the greatest players in City’s history.

Major Titles of David Da Silva

He spent most of his career playing for Figueirense in Brazil’s top two divisions, Serie A and B. However, Figueirense did not win any significant league or cup titles during his time there from 1998-2004. 2005-2006, he had a short stint in South Korea with Chunnam Dragons. But that league, the K-League, is not considered one of the strongest professionally, and they did not win any championships those years. His later seasons were split between Primera and Bragantino in Brazil’s lower divisions. Again, there is no record of either Club winning a significant domestic trophy with him in their squad in 2007-2009. At the international/continental level, he never earned a call-up to play for the Brazilian national team. So, he did not feature or win titles with them.


David Aparecido da Silva Alves had a respectable career playing in Brazil and Korea, and he does not appear to have been part of any team that won a major national league, cup, or international competition during his playing days as a striker from 1998-2009. His career successes seem to have been more individual rather than title wins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where was David Silva born?

A. David Silva was born on January 8, 1986, in Arenteiro, a small village in Pontevedra, Spain.

How did David Silva become a professional footballer?

A. David Silva started playing football at a young age and then joined the FC Valencia youth academy at 14. He eventually worked his way up to the first team and made his professional debut in 2004.

What clubs has David Silva played for?

A. David Silva has played for several clubs, including FC Valencia, Manchester City FC, and Galatasaray SK.