Meaning of SEO – The meaning of SEO  is therefore not hard to understand. But its application involves a lot of rigour. Here are some basics if you want to improve your SEO.


Optimize the loading time of your pages

If there’s one thing that Internet users and search engines don’t like. It’s if your pages take too long to load. They won’t hesitate to close your page if it takes more than a few seconds to display. For this, you must play on the quality of your images and not put them too heavily as far as possible. The loading time of your pages can, of course. Improves by an optimized structure of your site and better quality or dedicated server. Software exists to evaluate your loading times. But if you want to optimize it from the start. You can call on a specialist who will guide you on the modifications to be made and tell you about what it means to understand the meaning of SEO.


Switch your site to responsive design

Today. The traffic comes as much from a fixed computer as from mobiles. Mobile traffic is already higher in some countries than desktop or tablet traffic. As this figure is only increasing. It is strongly advised to consider smartphone browsing from the start. The responsive induces to work on your menus your images and not to do too much text. Knowing that the reading time is often less on mobile than on a computer. Internet users will not stay on your site if it is difficult to navigate. If they have to zoom manually or if the content is slow to download because it designs for a fast connection such as fiber.

Write Quality Content – Meaning of SEO

You don’t need to dwell on the meaning of SEO if you don’t follow this SEO advice. Create quality content more than quantity. Search engines analyze everything that happens on your site. Particularly the reading time of Internet users on your articles. If your content isn’t quality, your readers are likely not to stay on your page for long and won’t come back, which, even outside of SEO per se, isn’t good for your business. Producing qualitative content allows you to improve your SEO. Increase your number of fans on social networks, and bring back potential Internet users who like your content. So don’t neglect quality in favor of quantity.

Meaning of SEO – Use keywords

When we think about SEO and look at the meaning of SEO. We quickly understand that part of the work consists of working on inserting the expressions that your Internet users will type on the search engines when they are looking for information. Therefore. It asks what your target would type in a search engine to arrive at an offer like yours. Your goal is not automatically to sell your service but to attract a specific target, and you must think like her in terms of requests. It is not necessarily a question of putting the most used expressions because the competition can be intense but finding a fair balance. Some people like to use the term “trends” when writing.

Take a good periodicity

A site that does not move will be more difficult to index than a site that often moves quite simply because Google considers that your articles must be up to date. It is also for your readers to avoid as much as possible that the content becomes stale and that it is relative confidence in updating your articles. Even if you will not have them all up to date. It is, therefore. A question of working on your old pieces as much as your new ones. Google particularly appreciates the age of the pages to rank your page, and they are not to neglect. Especially when your article base becomes substantial. If you only have a short time to do it yourself. Do not hesitate to impose a periodicity, for example, one publication per week, or do retro planning to feed your site commonly.

Have backlinks

Backlinks exist incoming links to your website, in other words, those that point from a place to yours. The basic technique is to create a blog that redirects to your website, especially if it is not preparing to host content. Other methods use for backlinks and, in particular, to be present in directories or to contact bloggers or sites in your field so that they talk about you. The more powerful the site that points to you, the more Google will better reference your page. Be careful because places that only make links often bring nothing and can even harm your referencing, so here again, favor quality over quantity.