Lingerie can bring a new level of sensuality to your daily wardrobe. There are many ways to showcase intimate apparel outside the bedroom, from sheer outerwear to lace bras.

From a silk camisole and tap pants to a short silk kimono for lazy weekend mornings, these outfit inspirations prove that your lingerie isn’t just for the bedroom.


While lingerie has historically been considered something to wear only in private, modern innovation and fabric development have transformed the industry. Today’s lingerie, like from Adam & Eve, is designed to empower women, highlight their inherent sexiness, and celebrate their feminine form. Unlike the constricting corsets of the past that required women to contort their bodies to what men deemed desirable, these contemporary styles are designed for female comfort.

Adding lingerie to your daily wardrobe is an act of self-love that will leave you feeling confident, empowered, and beautiful. From lace bralettes to silk camisoles, these intimate pieces are a stylish addition to your closet.

A lace bralette under a blouse creates a peek-a-boo look that’s perfect for casual days out and about. Pair this trend with a blazer and skinny jeans for work or with your favorite sweater and skirt when heading out to brunch on the weekend.

Lacy lingerie is also perfect for layering over staple loungewear pieces like a silk camisole or slip dress. The sheer fabric will allow the delicate lace to peek through, creating a chic day-to-night outfit that will turn heads.

Incorporating lingerie into your daily routine isn’t just a confidence booster for romantic dates; it can also have positive mental health benefits. Studies have shown that women who wear sexy lingerie are more likely to feel more confident in their skin and more positively perceive their body image, regardless of their relationship status. So, next time you’re feeling low, try slipping into a sexy chemise or babydoll and see how you feel.

Silk Camisoles

For a sexy and casual look, pair your silk camisole with skinny jeans and sneakers. You’ll be sure to make heads turn!

Camisole outfits are the ultimate closet workhorses. They can be worn hidden under your clothes as a silky first layer or shown off for a lady’s night out. You can find a wide range of silk camisole styles, from sultry lace to sleek silk charmeuse. Please choose a color that suits you and your style: classic black or edgy fuchsia. You can also find designs with delicate details like sequins or chains to add extra oomph to your cami.

A silk camisole can also be worn under a structured jacket or cardigan. You can then tuck it into tailored pants or a pencil skirt for a polished and sophisticated ensemble. Finish your layered outfit with heels or pointed-toe flats to exude confidence and professionalism.

While traditional silk doesn’t like getting wet, it can be washed safely when treated right. Our silk camisoles, dresses, and blouses are made from washable silk that’s incredibly soft and smooth with an incredible sheen. This silk will retain its shape and texture after washing, making it as durable as your favorite linen blouse. You can even machine wash these pieces separately from your other laundry to extend the life of your lingerie.

High-Neck or Strappy Bras

Wearing a beautiful bralette or strappy camisole under a sleeveless dress or tank top is one of the easiest ways to add a sexy look to any outfit. This lingerie style is perfect for summer wardrobes as it provides support while staying relaxed and comfortable.

Unlike regular push-up and underwire bras, high-neck bralettes sit flat against the chest, which helps avoid any pesky straps digging into your shoulders or leaving red marks behind. A lace bralette like the Petal is ideal, as it features delicate floral embroidery and soft lace that will instantly elevate any outfit.

For a more structured and supportive look, try the Coquette triangle bra. This padded-free bralette has a smooth and seamless design with an attention-grabbing cross-back detail, perfect for pairing with backless and strappy outfits. This bralette also provides a natural lift without the discomfort of padding and is available in sizes A- C.

Another way to wear a high-neck bralette is to place it under a lace blouse. This style of lingerie will look stunning when the bralette’s lace edges peek out of the cuffs of the sheer shirt. You can even create a more feminine look by placing the bralette under a thin camisole and adding a blazer. The result is a classic day-to-night outfit that will give your wardrobe a romantic and sophisticated vibe.


With so many lingerie styles in today’s fashion market, keeping your favorite pieces strictly for the bedroom or special occasions is no longer appropriate. Incorporating lingerie into your daily wardrobe can make you feel confident and empowered. From sleek slip dresses to lace bodysuits, these styles are perfect for a night out or even during the day!

Monochromatic outfits may sound simple, but they look chic, classic, and even edgy when done correctly. The key is to mix varying tints and shades of the same hue. For example, pairing a solid shade of red with a pale pink will create a balanced color scheme.

If you are hesitant to try this trend, consider starting small with an accessory. A bag or scarf in a similar color will add some consistency to your outfit and instantly elevate it. Alternatively, you could match your shoes with your outfit and create a more uniform look.

Lingerie can be a great confidence booster, allowing you to celebrate your unique body and feel beautiful, regardless of size or shape. With the proper styling, you can easily incorporate your lingerie into your everyday wardrobe and show it off to the world! Just remember to stay safe and never wear anything too revealing in public.