A VoxBox is a term used to describe a product sampling program by Influenster, an online community and platform where users can discover and review various products. Influenster partners with brands and sends out VoxBoxes, packages containing free products for selected members to try and check.

The VoxBox program is a way for brands to generate buzz, gain consumer insights, and promote their products through word-of-mouth marketing. Influenster members can discover and try new products and share their opinions with their social network and the wider Influenster community. The VoxBox program is specific to Influenster, and other platforms or companies may have similar product sampling programs with different names or structures.

How Do Voxbox Programs Work?

Influenster members who meet specific criteria may be selected to receive a VoxBox. The selection criteria can be based on demographics, interests, and activity on the Influenster platform.

The member will receive a VoxBox containing full-sized or sample-sized products if chosen. The products included in the VoxBox are typically related to a specific theme or campaign.

Members are encouraged to try out the products and share their honest opinions and experiences through many channels, such as social media, online reviews, and the Influenster platform. They may be asked to complete surveys or tasks related to the VoxBox campaign.

Participating members often receive badges, rewards, or entry into contests for their active engagement and involvement in reviewing and sharing about VoxBox products.

Steps To Follow To Receive a Voxbox


Visit the Influenster website (www.influenster.com) and sign up for an account. Fill out your profile information, including your demographics, interests, and social media accounts. Make sure to provide accurate and detailed information to enhance your profile’s completeness.

Actively engage with the Influenster platform by participating in discussions, writing reviews for products you’ve tried, asking and answering questions, and interacting with other members. The more you engage, the better your chances of being noticed by Influenster and selected for VoxBox campaigns.

Link social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to your Influenster profile. It allows Influenster to assess your social media presence and influence, which can be a factor in their selection process.

Influenster often send out surveys and snaps (short questionnaires) to their members to gather information about their preferences, habits, and interests. Complete these surveys and shots promptly, as they can help Influenster match you with relevant VoxBox campaigns.

Influenster uses an Impact Score to assess the influence and engagement of their members. The Impact Score is based on factors like social media following, employment, and activity on the Influenster platform. Increasing your Impact Score by actively participating in the community and growing your social media presence can improve your chances of receiving VoxBoxes.

Keep an eye out for email invitations from Influenster to participate in specific campaigns or VoxBoxes. Make sure to opt in and express your interest whenever applicable.

Is It Easy to Get A Voxbox?

The selection process for VoxBoxes can be competitive, and there’s no guarantee of receiving one. Influenster considers various factors when selecting participants, including demographics, interests, engagement, and campaign requirements set by partnering brands. Remember to be genuine, active, and consistent in meeting with the Influenster community to increase your visibility and chances of being chosen for VoxBoxes.

What Surveys And Snaps Will Send By Influenster?



Influenster periodically sends out surveys to its members on various topics. These surveys help Influenster understand members’ preferences, habits, and interests, which can be used to match them with relevant VoxBox campaigns. Surveys can cover many subjects, such as beauty, skincare, food, lifestyle, etc. The survey questions may include product usage, shopping habits, brand preferences, and demographic information. Completing surveys promptly and accurately is essential because it provides Influenster with valuable data to assess your suitability for specific campaigns and increases your chances of being selected for relevant VoxBoxes.


Snaps are short questionnaires Influenster members can complete directly on the Influenster platform or through the Influenster app. These are often focused on specific product categories or campaigns. They typically consist of multiple-choice or open-ended questions about your preferences, experiences, or opinions regarding particular products or brands.

Snaps allow Influenster to gather quick insights from their members and tailor their VoxBox selections and campaign targeting. Completing snaps promptly and thoughtfully can help Influenster better understand your interests and preferences, potentially increasing your chances of being matched with relevant campaigns.


a VoxBox is a product sampling program offered by Influenster to its members. Selected members receive a box containing free products to try and review. For increasing eligibility for VoxBoxes, it’s essential to sign up for an Influenster account, complete your profile, actively engage with the community, connect your social media accounts, complete surveys and snaps, and increase your Impact Score.

However, receiving VoxBoxes is not guaranteed, as the selection process is based on various factors determined by Influenster and partnering brands. Participating in surveys and snaps helps Influenster gather information about members’ preferences and interests. It enables them to match members with relevant VoxBox campaigns. By actively participating and providing honest reviews, members contribute to the Influenster community and enjoy the opportunity to discover and share their opinions on various products.