Content Marketing used – There are many ways to put your content or content marketing into practice. The most popular way to apply content marketing is to create a blog and promote content generation through social networks.

How to Create Valuable Content?

A blog is a perfect way to create valuable content for your user. That is why it makes it so worthwhile within your content marketing plan.

To Create Valuable Content as Part of your Content Marketing, you only have to:

Discover the interests of your audience. For example, if you sell sportswear, your audience will likely like to play sports. If you sell brushes, your users will be interested in art. Think about what products you sell and what related Content of value might interest them.

Solve some of your problems. For example, if you sell wine, you can offer free Content on the best recipes to pair with your wine. It will surely help your users to make a faster decision. Likewise, if you sell children’s clothing, develop ideas for activities to do as a family.

It makes Content easy to read. Web usability and user experience are critical technical issues to pay attention to when generating Content. Good content marketing is useless if users leave the web before reading your article. A pop up that appears too early and interrupts reading, a website not optimized for mobile, unprofessional typography, etc. Avoid these beginner mistakes.

Promote the generated Content. Content marketing is nothing without good dissemination. Don’t trust that people will visit your blog often. Promote it!

A blog as a Central Part of your Content Marketing Strategy

Now that you know how important it is to create valuable content through a blog, let’s review some essential considerations of this type of content marketing.

Your blog should serve as a support group for like-minded people. You may not interact with them directly, but they will keep coming back for quality content. Unfortunately, some companies post useless stuff on their blogs, like product announcements and sales pitches. However, this is not the best example of content marketing.

For example, take a look at this blog post without going further. Instead, we are trying to provide you with helpful information, explaining the essential characteristics of content marketing and how to use it in your e-commerce business.

Whatever the result, what matters in content marketing is gaining brand visibility through content generation itself. And thanks to this article, we have achieved it. So what are you waiting for to create yours? Then, the various pages of your eCommerce will make the sale on their own.

4 tips for applying Content Marketing

  • Start little by little. You can’t create a blog in the morning, so start small and try to keep your Content as relevant and up-to-date as possible. Posting once a month is better than never. So no matter how often you post, be consistent.
  • Don’t go off-topic. Including less relevant topics could harm you instead of helping you.
  • Spread your Content. But only once do you have a few articles published. It is not very professional to visit a blog with only a couple of posts.
  • Reuse your resources in different social networks. For example, you can take advantage of advertising on YouTube to make tutorial videos. Instagram is great for displaying photos. Facebook is great for telling stories. Finally, Twitter is ideal for short messages.

The Best Examples of Content Marketing

Now let’s look at some examples of how content marketing experts put their marketing strategies into practice.

Whether your company aspires to a global strategy or if you prefer to focus on local content generation, these examples will help you learn how to create valuable content for your virtual store.

1. Bebe2GO: Simple and Direct content Marketing

The Mexican company Bebe2Go sells various products for children and babies, from food and breastfeeding formulas to toys, furniture, and cleaning and health products for children and mothers. So her blog is focused on how to raise children, educational games and articles, and other tips for moms.

2. Pet n’ Go: Generation of the Highest Quality Content

Another fantastic company is Pet n’ Go. They sell pet products, including food, clothing and costumes, toys, beds and houses, cleaning supplies and even pet gadgets. His blog is full of relevant information on pet training and tips for travelling with dogs and cats and how to keep pets healthy. Pet n’ Go is a successful example of, being a role model to learn as you can quickly get an idea of ​​the type of content you can create for your own business. And it shows how easy it is for Pet n’ Go to develop social media content.

3. Botanicus: Example of a Global Content Strategy

One last example is Botanicus. This Mexican company sells organic and natural body care products. His blog focused on skincare, the benefits of natural ingredients, aromatherapy, and health tips.

Implement your own Global Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a fantastic way to generate traffic, build awareness of your brand and get your customers to start buying. If done the right way, it will convert your customers into an audience that will keep coming back and buying more products. So now it’s your turn. Put our advice into practice and succeed with content marketing.