Promote your Products with Celebrities – Making your product known requires planning a marketing plan. If companies rely on social networks and advertising most of the time, there are a few strategies to put your product on the front of the stage successfully. Why not consider using celebrities to stand out and have greater visibility? If they appreciate your product, they can generate real success without spending a budget that would impact your cash flow!

Celebrities, a Cost that is not within Reach of Budgets

Brands solicit celebrities to promote their product in many advertisements because they undeniably influence consumers. Fans, under the spell of their favorite star, do not hesitate to buy to feel a little closer to their famous star because the lead is an unconditional guarantee of the product’s value. For an SME or start-up, contacting celebrities and inviting them to participate in a campaign is sometimes part of their ambitions, but the cost is hardly within reach of their cash flow.

So what to do? A First Suggestion

The company can send its product hoping that these muses have the blow of heart and that they carry it or that they thus make publicity of it.

But finding the celebrities that match your brand image

Before sending your product, do not improvise. Contacting them all would be total nonsense, which would reveal your lack of professionalism. It is better to focus on a target that corresponds to your product, part of a real marketing plan.

So what to do? A Second Suggestion

Work on your brand image to select suitable profiles. Depending on your product, some personalities will not match what you are looking for. It’s about finding the people who could give a good image to your product. Do not venture to send it to people in the middle of a controversy or who have absolutely nothing to do with your brand image.

Stand out to Celebrities with a bit of Originality

Distributing your product to celebrities can be a good idea, but getting them to end up in your possession is a bit of a hassle. Rarely opening their mail, your package will often pass through several hands, so it’s all about being impactful. You have to be original to stand out from the batch of products they receive every day for free. Do not hesitate to play on the original packaging.

Contact their Agents to Achieve your Stardom

The artists’ agents carry out the first sorting; to skip the steps a little, it is better to be the ally of the agents. After sending your product, you can contact them for feedback and encourage them to pass it on to their artist or athlete. Admittedly, the agents are very much in demand, but as they too want people to talk about their star, they are inclined to look for ideas that could also get people talking about their leads, so don’t hesitate to contact them.

Agents have all the cards in hand and could give you a chance if you present your product to them brilliantly.

Customize your Product for the Occasion

For your mailing to make sense to the star, consider personalization. A parcel with his universe and his first name will immediately have more weight than one parcel, among many others. You won’t be certain that your marketing move will work, so it’s better to put the odds on your side. A harmonious and individualized package will have a different appeal from your target. It may be cumbersome to customize each product to be sent, but you will have more chances to stand out.

Don’t forget to Invest in Social Networks

The goal for you is for the celebrity to convince your product and advertise you on the networks with a burst of generosity. It seems obvious to mention all your nicknames on a small card or directly on the product. If it’s causing a stir, the celebrity might wink at your brand on the networks. And so, after four successful buzz shots with the famous “Changing Slips, it’s now” during the 2012 presidential campaign, with photos of the presidents… the French Slip has gained visibility that has continued to grow.

Think about Influencers, Real Agents of Communication

Do not hesitate to direct your communication to influencers. Unlike celebrities, they open their packages themselves, giving you more luck. They can then be seduced by your product and promoted on social networks. They sometimes generate more influence than celebrities, thanks to a larger community that regularly follows them.

So the one who gave a real boost to the Seraphine brand is undoubtedly Kate Middleton, who opted for these maternity outfits for each of her pregnancies. During the first appearance of the royal couple with Prince George in 2013, for example, the Duchess of Cambridge wore the Jolène dress and therefore during the very first official photo, which went around the world, “as Cecile Reinaud explains. . Photo surprise but what publicity!

Presenting your product to celebrities requires thinking about a marketing strategy before launching. It’s up to you to find the front door.