Means of so-called “paid” promotions: Promote Your Website . These methods are the fastest to create traffic on your Website. Even if you have to consider your ROI or return on investment when you launch your actions. Paid advertising generally goes hand in hand with work on the natural referencing of your site, even if. Depending on its nature, it is not always possible to optimize the latter.

There are several ways to advertise. You can, of course. Think of using Google Ads (AdWords advertisements), Google AdSense (advertising on display networks) or even contacting websites or networks to advertise on them. Keep your budget under control because you could have more success than expected and end up with considerable sums to pay. Check above all that the operation is profitable because you can attract people without having a return on investment. Although interesting for your notoriety, this operation cuts down your margin too much. Promote Your Website.

Work on Natural Referencing

Generally referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or natural referencing. These are all the techniques that will lead search engines such as Google to bring you up in the results. This referencing has the advantage of costing nothing even if. In reality, the many actions to be carried out will require you at least time or even teams who work on it regularly. It generally turns out to be long-term or daily work. Especially if you are involved in the quality of your content.

Many elements can boost your positioning, such as page loading speed. Directing links to your Website. The presence of titles, tags, keywords, descriptions, or even a sufficient number of words in each article. Note that the rules evolve regularly. You will have to update yourself and learn about the subject.

Presence on Social Networks – Promote Your Website

Social networks are often a neglected part of companies who post almost no content even when they have trouble creating a page. Still, you can use them to drive traffic to your site. On the one hand, you maintain a link with your followers or fans who are often your customers and who will thus regularly hear about you. On the other hand, you can post content different from your Website and add value.

The first task will be to identify the relevant social networks according to your target because not all of them reach the same audience, and some will be difficult to match with your activity. The best known are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Tikor. Note that all good practices are not necessarily the same and that you will need to find out to make you want to share your content. If you want to advertise on these, do not hesitate to contact a Facebook ads agency or a Tikor ads agency.

The use of Email Marketing

Even if many people claim that it is a free tool, you must first consider that you will generally have to acquire software, whether to send occasional emails or even newsletters. Regular. You will have to be careful to work on the content of the subject section so as not to end up directly in the “spam” box because all your emailing’s could well be useless if they land there. To do this, do not hesitate to create “test” emails to verify that this is not the case.

Email marketing is particularly effective if your bases consist of your customers who have voluntarily registered on your Website. Many companies sell files where Internet users have checked a box indicating that “partners can use emails”. They will not necessarily have the effectiveness of a base that is specific to you. Be careful because the acquisition or use of databases are subject to strict rules. You cannot send emails to anyone under the penalty of being sanctioned by the CNIL.


The Creation of a Blog – Promote Your Website

This technique is frequently use when your Website does not lend itself to inserting written or little content. It also used to deal with a subject from a different angle than the more corporate one of your site or give a personal opinion. By creating links to your site, you benefit from your blog’s traffic or reinforce your image as an expert in a field.

Be careful, though, because writing articles is time-consuming and will require you to follow trends. Feeding it regularly can also be complex because the inspiration is not necessarily. There or simply because you have no appetite for writing. Similarly, you can contact other people with blogs to talk about you. Ask other experts to write on your blog, or offer yourself to become one on another blog.

The Creation of Link Exchange Partnerships

This is a fashionable technique. This can be paid and free but contributes strongly to SEO. Some particularly like this method. Because it allows you to benefit from the traffic of a compelling site or blog that already has its community. For free, you will often find it challenging to stand out from the crowd. With bloggers or influencers who evolve in your field. It can sometimes be complicated to have a fruitful exchange.

Start by identifying the suitable sites or blogs and then contact them in a relevant way. If that doesn’t work or you don’t have a counterpart to offer them. You’ll often have to resort to the paid version.

Listing in Directories or Forums – Promote Your Website

Even if this way of working is only hardly used, you can register for free on many online directories. The most used is Google My Business. Which allows you to put your location and locate yourself on their map. And indicate your schedules and contact information or even your Website.

Posting on forums can also be a way to promote your site. Even if it is sometimes frowned upon if your comments are not relevant. A little subtlety is need. Please indicate that your offer exists when some people ask for it. Can open up new prospects, especially on specialized sites.


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