You’ve decided it’s the right time to retire, but when you look at the projections for how your nest egg will last through retirement, you probably want a little bit of security in the form of lowered expenses. After all, if there are painless cuts you can make to your cost of living without sacrificing your enjoyment of retirement, it’s a great idea to do that. The savings you generate can help you live at your lifestyle level longer or leave a legacy for family members. Here are some valuable cuts.

Downsize Housing

Exactly how you cut housing costs really depends on you. If you love living in your paid-off home but it’s too large, looking at getting a renter can be a way to help someone out and gain some extra cash flow. Selling your home and moving somewhere with lower maintenance and less footprint can be very helpful, especially if you’d like to retire close to those you love. There are also options for unlocking your home equity while you still live there. No matter how you reduce your housing costs, this can make a big difference in how your retirement looks.

Turn Convenience Buys Into Hobbies to Save

When working full-time, it can be easy to turn to takeout food, individual bottles of water or cups of convenience coffee, and services like landscaping teams or home cleaners. During retirement, it’s worth evaluating if you can cook at home more, buy coffee or water in bulk from a bulk shopping club, and do some of your own home and lawn maintenance to save money. You can do these things at your own pace without the busyness that a full-time job offers.

Reassess Your Insurance Needs

Many insurance policies on cars, for instance, can be lowered when you aren’t commuting and are just using the car during leisure time. Re-evaluating your insurance needs across the board can help you cut expenses that simply aren’t necessary during this season.

Travel When Others Have to Work

Many retirees specifically hope to travel, but of course, it does come with a price tag. One of the best ways to improve your travel budget is to travel during the weekdays and during off seasons, when others are working. Travel prices are inflated around holidays and during the summer, and aiming for the off season can give you access to a lot of deals. Online comparison shopping sites help you find the great deals and take more trips for the same travel budget.

Cut Cable, Gym, and Subscription Services: Use Libraries and Other Resources

Through organizations like the AARP and your local senior center, you can learn a lot about programs that could replace subscription services in your life. For instance, many centers have gym classes or gym equipment or memberships available to senior citizens free of charge; no reason to pay for a gym membership in such a case. Many libraries now have multimedia sections that allow you to check out movies, tv shows, and audiobooks, making cable and other streaming services less appealing. Finally, if you’ve been subscribing to other things, like magazines, critically evaluate whether they are things you need now and which improve your life or were just a habit from before retirement.