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Write for us MarketingWrite for us Marketing: Marketing includes product development, market research, business, product distribution, sales strategy, public relations, and customer service. Marketing is necessary at all stages of a company’s sales journey, and many platforms, social media channels, and teams within your organization can be used to identify your audience, connect with them, amplify their voice, and build company loyalty. mark over time.

On the other hand, advertising is only one part of marketing. It is a strategic effort, usually rewarded, to build awareness of a product or service within the more holistic goals outlined above. In a nutshell, it is not the only one method used by marketers to sell a product.

If you are work in a marketing role like me, you probably find it hard to describe marketing even though you see and use every day – the term marketing is a bit broad and variable for a simple definition.

The sales part, for example, overlaps too much with the definition of “what sells,” and the word advertising reminds me of Mad Men brainstorming sessions.

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