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What is Marketing

By which it becomes easy for the information of the product to reach the customer. If we know Marketing, in other words, it also means that it is a way that creates a relationship between the customer and the product so that the customer can know about the product well. Write for s Marketing..

Marketing is a continuous process under which the marketing mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion, often called the 4 Ps) is planned and implemented. This process is done for the exchange of products, services or ideas between individuals and organizations.

Definition of Marketing

Marketing means any work done by any company that affects the buying and selling of that company, mainly to increase it.

If you still do not understand what Marketing is, then let us explain to you through a simple example.

Suppose you have a company that manufactures mobile phones. Now you use big celebrities and different types of unique advertisements to present your company’s image in front of people in such a way that once they buy your phone, If he likes the service of your phone later, then they can also buy another phone from your company.

Marketing plays a huge role in the emergence of any new company.

Importance of Marketing

What is the importance of marketing after all

In the era of competition, even the company providing the best services is not able to compete in front of the trust expressed by the people in the old companies, that is why the new company takes the help of marketing to deliver its goods to the people.

Marketing is mainly of two types Business to Business (B2B) Marketing and Business Customer (B2C) Marketing.

There are also some other aspects of marketing which include Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Business Marketing and E-Marketing and Chain Marketing.

Digital Marketing

Write for us Marketing, Digital marketing is another form of e-marketing. In this, too, digital mediums are used to promote the company.

Know some advantages of e-marketing

  • You get your targeted customer base in a very fast and cheap way.
  • Along with this, the marketing cost is also very less in this.
  • Through this, we can do Geo-Targeting not only in one country but also in the whole world.
  • Better Marketing Management

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