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write for us Technology is a set of ordered knowledge coming from the field of different sciences, which is applied to the resolution of our problems, desires and needs. It can be used in the plural (technologies) or in the singular (technology) to refer to the set of available tools made by human beings.

Write for us Technology is one of the most powerful, versatile and significant resources of our species, through which we are able to modify the environment around us and even our own bodies and minds. It is the result of a long cultural and scientific evolution, which represents enormous power and enormous risk.

In recent times, technology has also become an object of daily consumption. This has meant the creation of a technological market and consumerist culture of so-called gadgets or devices for more or less decorative and recreational use.

However, state-of-the-art technology remains committed to fulfilling the most long-deferred dreams of the species: curing diseases, improving quality of life, and exploring the frontiers of the universe, feeding back on the scientific knowledge of the exponential way.

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Why is Technology Important?

Write for us Technology

Technology is central to our contemporary view of the world. With it we have the possibility of transforming it into a better space, more organized and in which the main serious problems find a solution.

Technology has no morality of its own, just as science has none. However, it conceals an enormous potential: that of our own brain, capable of understanding the rules of the universe and modifying them to its advantage.

Examples of Technology

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The examples of technology are too abundant to make a complete list, but we can highlight the following:

  • Electricity and all its forms of production and accumulation for industrial and domestic purposes.
  • Petroleum refining is a technique that makes it possible to obtain many petrochemical derivatives, from plastic to gasoline.
  • Computing is the result of the evolution of electronics, electricity and mathematics to the point of manufacturing powerful information-processing machines with which we do practically everything today.
  • Space travel and orbital technology allowed us to send probes to other planets and even put a man on the Moon.

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