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Business Automation Write for Us

Business Automation Write for Us

Thank you for showing your interest in collaborating with Business Knowledge Today and writing for us, we are looking forward to have you join our upward list of guest writers. If you like what we at Business knowledge today do and believe that you can impart more knowledge and info to our readers, join us today as a Guest Post Writer!

As a guest post writer for Business Knowledge Today, you will be able to share knowledge and info to our readers, Influence the readers with your message and Inspire businessmen, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals.

How to Submit your Article?

We will be happy if you contribute content to BusinessKnowledgeToday. Please email us at

On What Topics you can Write for Us?

For a guest post to be effective, it must be unique content. A blog or post should be detailed and full of information that can impress the readers. Blogs should guide our readers on current market trends, latest innovations, any new technological developments, etc. We are specifically looking for posts or blogs on topics that:

search engine optimization

website development

Web design

Graphic design

eCommerce web development

digital advertising

Business Automation & Productivity Technologies

Tips & Tricks to Stay Competitive

Software Reviews/ Comparisons







Stock Market

Why Write for Business Knowledge Today and What you get

Search Terms Related To Business Automation Write For Us

Behavior-Based Marketing Automation

Brand Advocates


Cross-Channel Analytics

Drip Marketing

Cross-Platform Marketing Automation

Customer/Buying Lifecycle

First-Time Visitor

Interruption-Based Marketing

Internal Sale

Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

Landmark Emails

Loyalty Offers

Permission-Based Marketing

Qualified Lead

Repeat Purchase

Revenue Performance Management (RPM)


Shopping Cart Fetch back/Abandoned Shopping Cart

Zero Moment of Truth

Guidelines for Guest Post Submission  – Business Automation Write For Us

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