Kh2 Ultima Weapon – The Ultima Weapon holds the privileged position as the most remarkable Keyblade in all of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMix. Sadly, opening it includes some extra legwork beyond the primary story. Like the main game, gathering uncommon things to combine outlines is essential and can require a fair couple of hours to gather together.

As well as gathering the essential things as a whole, you will likewise have to step up any Moogle to even out two preceding, having the option to construct the sharp edge.

So then, when the recipe is to collect from the Twilight Town Mansion, all things have been prepared for combination, and the Moogle has gained sufficient experience, you will want to fashion the Holy Grail of Keyblades.

What items need to skills the Ultima Weapon?

Ultima Weapon Recipe- You can find this in the Twilight Town Mansion, where Donald and Goofy were found sleeping during the prologue.


    • a) Complete all five chapters of Atlantica.
    • b) Complete 100 Acre Wood.
    • c) Item box in The Brink of Despair at The World That Never Was.
    • d) After beating Xemnas in The World That Never Was, he completes the Goddess of Fate Cup in the Olympus Coliseum.
    • e) Item box in Twilight Town’s Sunset Terrace.
    • f) Item Box in Space Paranoid Central Computer area.
    • g) Speak to any Moogle after synthesizing one of every item.
  •  Orichalcum – Found in random boxes in most people worldwide, excluding Twilight Town.
  •  Mythril Crystal – Found in random boxes in most people in the world, A level 8 Moogle also has the power to synthesize a Mythril Crystal.
  • Dense Crystal- Obtained by tempting Berserker mysterious in The Worldwide, That Never Was.
  •  Twilight Crystal – Obtained by defeating Sorcerers in The World, That Never Was.
  •  Energy Crystal – Gain by inviting the people to Bookmasters in the Hollow Bastion, Radiant Gardens.
  •  Serenity Crystal – Obtain by handing in complete synthesis sets to Moogle vendors.
  • Kh2 Ultima Weapon Most Prominent Game in the World

Nowhere, The Ultima Weapon (アルテマウェポン Arutema Weapon?) is a Keyblade for Sora and Data-Sora’s Keyblades, which shows up in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Re: coded, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts III and for Terra’s, Ven’s, and Aqua’s Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

Further more, It is the most impressive Keyblade and requires a great measure of work to get in every one of the five games; in Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts III, it is the last recipe in Item union; in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. It must found haphazardly in a chest after clearing the two stories, in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, it is the compensation for the last match in the Mirage Arena, the Villains’ Vendetta.

Hence, Dissimilar to other Keyblades, each game’s rendition of the Ultima Weapon has an alternate plan and offers just the name and the remarkable nature of its details.

Plan for Ultima Weapons in Kingdom Heart Kh2

Firstly, The Kingdom Hearts rendition of the Ultima Weapon is firmly suggestive of the Dream Sword. However, it encloses by luxurious gold filigree, an example somewhat representative of fish bones. The teeth of the sharp edge are a brilliant rendition of the crown enchant Sora wears, and the Keychain token joined to the short edge by gleaming string is a plated heart.

In the game, the sharp edge’s size is more modest than the handle and its plan in the authority craftsmanships. This rendition uses in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Re: code.

Secondly, The Kingdom Hearts II variant holds the vast majority of its Kingdom Hearts rendition components, except for the varieties (blue, white and gold), the crown-and-heart Keychain, and the Dream Sword. It likewise incorporates a lot more crowns into its plan, including one at the tip of the edge, close to the crown “teeth”, two making up the watchman, three in the chain, and the previously mentioned mix of a crown and the first heart Keychain as the token.

And also, The Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep rendition has components from both past Kingdom Hearts games. Its style is like Kingdom Hearts form. However, its variety plot is like the Kingdom Hearts II adaptation.

The Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance variant is comparable in appearance to the Kingdom Hearts II adaptation with the various plan of Birth by Sleep.

The Kingdom Hearts III variant holds most of its Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II rendition components, aside from the tones (silver, red, and dim).

Additionally, the sharp edge has been portioned into three prongs, addressing the Roman numeral for three (III).

Here, I Kept The Ultima Weapon Keyblade name after the eponymous blade in the Final Imaginary series. The Ultima Weapon is commonly displayed inside the Final Fantasy series as a long sword with a sparkling blue/white sharp edge and a brilliant handle. It is generally the most grounded Weapon for the principal hero in the games it shows up.

Recipes of Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts kh2

Ultima Weapon can be blended once any remaining things have to participate no less than once.

Lucid Gem5

Power Gem5

Thunder Gem5

Mystery Goo3


Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Ultima Weapon can be blended once the 6th rundown is open.

Thunder Gem5

Mystery Goo5

Serenity Power3

Stormy Stone3

Dark Matter3

Kingdom Hearts II

Infact, The Ultimate Recipe is tracking down in a chest at the Mansion: Basement Corridor. The Ultima Weapon is a position S union thing that gives 119 EXP. An Energy Crystal expects to lessen the Orichalcum+ hoped-for blend, as there are just 7 in the game; this implies that the Ultima Recipe can’t orchestrate except if the Moogles are level 2. As the need might arise to incorporate things two times to utilize Serenity materials, there is no Ultima Weapon+.

13 (7) Orichalcum+

Orichalcum 1

Mythril Crystal 1

Dense Crystal 1

Twilight Crystal 1

Serenity Crystal 7

Kingdom Hearts III

You can open the Ultimate Recipe by getting and enrolling 58 distinct amalgamation materials. Whenever that finish, you’ll require four unique sorts of amalgamation things.

7 Orichalcum+

Wellspring Crystal2

Lucid Crystal2

Pulsing Crystal2

The Ultima Weapon can’t be overhauled, as it as of now arrives at the most elevated conceivable details, but it’ll begin at a base level on New Game+, the importance you’ll need to update it to get its unique details.

Game Play

In Addition, In Kingdom Hearts, it is the most grounded Keyblade concerning strength and MP; however, in Kingdom Hearts II, it is second in solidarity to the Fenrir and second in sorcery to the Fatal Crest. In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, it is third in witchcraft to Winner’s Proof. Be that as it may, its MP Hastega capacity is significantly .

Therefore, In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, its actual strength is an underdog to Void Gear and Crown Unlimit, third to Terra’s Chaos Ripper, and equivalent to Aqua’s Master Keeper.

However, its otherworldly strength outperformed the No Name, Brightcrest, Crown Unlimit, and Master Keeper and approaches by the Pixie Petal.


Different appearances

However, It delivers the Kingdom Hearts I and the Kingdom Hearts II variants, which are the Ultima Weapon with three other Keyblades in an exceptional Play Arts Figure embellishment set, Play Arts Arms.

Finally, Two variety trades of the Ultima Weapon can become in Kingdom Hearts II. These are the “Edge of Ultima”, a variant of the first Ultima Weapon with a misfired appearance, and the “Identification Saber”, a range trade of the first, aside from being somewhat more significant.

Unfortunately, at the point when these Keychains got to Sora’s Items menu, no image of the Keyblades is shown, guide symbols.